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What is fast freezer

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The first cold chain freezer description:

Quick freezing machineIs a quick freezing apparatus, the product at -35 ℃ even lower temperatures in a relatively short time for the core temperature reaches -18 deg.] C, (hereinafter 3cm thick frozen products (excluding packaging), the product 30min core temperature decreased to +15 -18 ℃ as standard), the product in order to achieve the lattice constant, the water does not precipitate, to achieve reversibility fresh product. Products are easy to transport, product realization supplement season, to ensure maximum product freshness.

working principle:

Rapid freezing unit mainly by the fast freezer, the refrigeration system and electrical control system. The frozen food worker or directly into the freezing plate freezer frozen through the inlet, so that the product is heated to a temperature of -18 degrees at a center or other temperature.

Quick freezing machine classification

Tunnel freezer: Simple structure, easy operation, wide application. Affordable. For a variety of quick frozen products. Such as: meat, seafood.

Spiral freezer: Spiral transmission products, small footprint, large freezer, so this mechanism can produce a relatively large amount of frozen equipment, the current application is greater, mainly used in the food industry and refrigeration industry. Such as: meat, seafood.

Fast fluidized freezer (the IQF): Final manner using fast freezing product in the process fluid, a separate product for quick freezing. Such as: fruits and vegetables, etc.

Fast liquid nitrogen freezer: Is a new and efficient freezer temperatures up to -196 degrees, the device is suitable for large thickness of the product, higher product value-added products, compared with other freezer, compressor device is not present, the equivalent of the refrigerator production speed, low purchase cost, but the cost is relatively high, the user can select the device according to local conditions and product value.

Hydraulic contact plate freezers:

Hydraulic contact plate freezer can be moved up and down inside the aluminum plate level, the double-sided heat exchange contact with the frozen products. The product can be quickly frozen, the appropriate cooling system can be matched according to customer demand. Freezer is suitable for land and fisheries frozen foods, such as fish, surimi, shrimp and shellfish.


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