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  • How To Choose Fluidized freezer ( IQF individually quick frozen)

    The fluidized bed freezing principle
    Fluidized quick-freezing  is simply the role of solid particles by the air flow, the movement of its shape into a similar fluid state, and in the course of the movement was quickly frozen,As a result of strong cold air flow and food particles full of each other, the heat transfer in food quickly, greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency. At the same time the air flow will also be fully blown food, and get a  individually quick freeze effect.
    Main application 
    T he fluid quick freezing is the best choice for grain,slice,nubby fruit,vegetable’s quick individually freeze ,It can also be applied to seafood, such as scallops, shrimp, fillets and other continuous rapid freezing.
    Main form
    O ne-section fluidized quick freezing is especially suitable for vegetable and  fruit quick frozen .
    T wo-section fluidized quick freezing In the best conditions to freeze a variety of food, food without damage, food is not sticky.
    Main composed 
    The FSLD series fluidized individually quick freezing is composed by product inlet/outlet ,
    PU , the belt ,the transmission system,the unique ventilation system ,the evaporator ,the centrifugal fans ,the electrical control system.
    Main feature
     1.The fluidized quick-freezing  uses two conveyor belts to transport food. This structure is characterized by the food is divided into two sections of the freeze, the first section for the surface frozen area, the second section of the deep frozen area; granular food into the freezing room, the first rapid cooling, the surface cooling to freezing point temperature , then into the second section,  in the ideal fluid bed under the deep freeze.
    2. Two sections of the belt with speed, to adapt to a variety of food freeze needs.
    3. Two speed belt: in the best conditions to freeze a variety of food, food without damage, food is not sticky.
    4. Centrifugal fan: The system uses high-pressure centrifugal fan, a large static pressure within the scope of the corresponding wind, to ensure the formation of fluid bed, while extending the frost interval.
    5. The device frame using  stainless steel, each fan pressure box separate to ensure that low load, even if there are individual fans to stop running, it will not affect the normal operation of other fans.
    6. The PU use 150mm, double-sided stainless steel plate, insulation effect is remarkable, beautiful appearance.
    7. Conveyor mesh belt with stainless steel conveyor belt, all with food contact parts are stainless steel, to ensure food hygiene requirements.
    8.Electronic control system: a separate control panel can be independent of the electrical start and control network transmission speed operation.
  • quick freezing working principle

    Quick freezing Rapid freezing of food by exposure to a blast of air at a very low temperature. Unlike slow freezing, very small crystals of ice are formed which do not rupture the cells of the food and so the structure is relatively undamaged.
    quick‐frozen food is commonly defined as one that has been cooled from a temperature of 0 °C to −5 °C or lower, in a period of not more than 2 hours, and then cooled to −18 °C.
    The basic principle Mechanical cold storage This method of storing fruits in a good adiabatic building, equipped with mechanical  cold storage unit, and according to the variety of fruits on the storage temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements of the cold storage system for human regulation and control , So the storage time longer, the effect is better. A, mechanical  cold storage principle. 
    Mechanical  cold storage is the use of liquid gas (refrigerant) is very low temperature, it evaporated under low pressure into gas, which absorb heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling. In addition to the low boiling point refrigerants, but also requires no harm to human organs, the metal does not play a corrosive effect, no risk of combustion and explosion, does not react with the lubricant, but also should have good heat absorption, evaporation More heat absorption, low pressure in the high pressure condensing system, lower viscosity and cheaper prices.
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    Feature of instant freezer ,  Tunnel  freezer , Spiral freezer , IQF freezer
  • How is the service of this company

    Products service commitment
      The first cold chain company has 20 years of experience in the production of frozen equipment design experience. The first cold chain company to Quality first. Customer first. Service first service to serve customers, customer satisfaction as the goal of special service commitment
    A). The Sales prior to service commitment
    1.Free of charge to provide customers with technical advice and product information
    2.According to customer needs to provide a reasonable price.
    3.According to the customer needs we can non-standardized design and production
    4.We provide a study of the reception, at any time to receive your inspection, and try to provide a variety of convenient conditions for your inspection.
    B). The sales service commitment
    1.Consciously abide by the provisions of the contract law, to ensure the smooth performance of the contract and technical agreement.
    2.By the amount of time to provide you with quality products, and the optimal mode of transport, to ensure that you receive the goods flawless and perfect.
    3.Actively communicate with the use of personnel, respect for customers, to provide customers with thoughtful technical support.
    4.According to the provisions of the contract to provide you with guidance and installation, commissioning and training services
    C). The Service commitment after sales
    1 . We randomly provide equipment for wearing parts.
    2 .We will provide the technical training and technical data of the relevant personnel in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
    3 . Products have quality problems, a year of free mailing equipment accessories, life-long technical support and maintenance, there is a contractual agreement in accordance with the contract.
    4. We are free to carry out technical guidance, from your own to rule out the simple failure of the equipment.

  • How to choose cold room 4

    Compressor type and condenser
    Compressor type Bitzer(Germany) Frascold (Italy) Copeland (US) China brand
    Condenser Air cooled Water cooled Evaporator
    Panels information
    Office Foam panel 50mm thickness
    Processing room 10℃ 50mm/ 75mm PU
    -5℃ 75mm/ 100mm PU
    -18℃ 100mm/ 150mm PU
    -25C/ -35℃ 150mm/200mm PU
    Panel steel cover SS, GI, aluminum etc

  • How to choose cold room 3

    Evaporator type
    Air Cooled Type Ceiling type  DL (5-20℃)DD(-5~+5 ℃)DJ(-18~-20℃)
    Aluminum shelving Customize -18 ℃ or -35℃
    Evaporator Cooled Type Evaporator Condenser DJS (-30~-40℃)
    Room size type
    Room size Mini Small        Middle        Big         
    Volume range 200m⊃3; 200~1000m⊃3; 1000~5000m⊃3; >5000m⊃3;
    Temperature table for reference
    Cold storage goods Temperature range
    Processing room 10℃
    Fruit, vegetable, dry food 0~-5℃
    Medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material 0~-5℃
    Ice storage room -5~-10℃
    Fish, meat storage -18~-25℃
    Deep freezer. -25C~-35℃

  • How to choose cold room 2

    How to choose cold room/storage

    (1) Condensing unit:  Germany  Bitzer,  America  Copeland,  Italy   Frascold  ,China brand Etc.
    (2) Evaporator:  FST  air-cooler.
    (3) Insulation Panel: PU,
    (4) Other accessories: world-famous brands, like Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG,Schneider
    Application of cold room:
    Food (meat,pork, beaf,chicken freezer room, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink chiller room ( cooler room...), Medicine, Chemical, Electronics...
    1).Swing door and sliding door for choice.
    2).Swing door:manual opened,automatic,etc.
    3).Door board made with special pressing technology PU material.
    4).Door frame:color steel or stainless steel.
    5).Surface material:color steel or stainless steel with protecting film.
    Cold room insulation panel:use 100%polyurethane insulation panel,density about 3 6 ~4 2 kg/m3,with gasket,with flame retardant, fire-resistant panel thickness:50mm~200mm, standard width of panel is 960mm
  • How to choose cold room 1

    How to choose cold room/storage
     Cold room Specification
    1. Compressor 
    2. Danfoss Parts 
    3PU  insulation sandwich panel board

    4.Air cooler
    Feature of freezer cold rooms ,refrigerated chiller and freezer ,cold room /chiller room, cold storage room, cooler room,Cold storage /cold store/ walk in freezer room / cold room, cold storage room, chiller room, cooling room:
    Polyurethane insulation board design for cold room, the main steel structure to facilitate construction. Portable sliding doors, and out of cold storage more convenient, easy to operate.
    Water defrosting evaporator defrost faster, save operating costs.
    Cold storage door with anti-shock protection, an increase of reliability.
    (1) Temperature range: -40ºC~+20ºC are all available.
    (2) Size: Customize.
    (3) Functions: fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof, air-conditioning are all available.
    (4) Fully automatic control system.
    (5)Easy to install and dismantle
    (6) Temperature Alarm
    (7) Data Logger
    (8)PLC electric control ( LG,SIMENS, OMRON..famous parts)
    (9) Refrigerant:R22,R404A

  • How To Choose Quick Freezer

    Instant freezer Specification
    1. Compressor 
    2. Belt 
    3. PU  insulation sandwich panel board
    4. Evaporator +fan
    5. Condenser 
    Feature of instant freezer , Tunnel freezer ,Spiral freezer ,IQF freezer
    Polyurethane insulation board design for quick freezer , the main stainless steel structure to facilitate construction.

    (1) Temperature range: -40ºC±3ºC .
    (2) Capacity : Customize. From 100kg/h to 3000kg/h.
    (3) Functions:  quick freeze
    (4) Fully automatic control system.
    (5) Easy to install and dismantle
    (6) Temperature adjust 
    (7) Data Logger
    (8)PLC electric control ( LG,SIMENS, OMRON..famous parts)
    (9) Refrigerant:R22,R404A or R717

    (1) Condensing unit: Germany Bitzer, America Copeland, Italy  Frascold ,China brand Etc.
    (2) Evaporator: FST air-cooler.
    (3) Insulation Panel: PU,
    (4) Other accessories: world-famous brands, like Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG,Schneider

    Application of instant freezer 
    Food (seafood,meat,pork, beaf,chicken , vegetable, fruit, dairy...

    1).Swing door .
    2).Swing door:manual opened,etc.
    3).Door board made with special pressing technology PU material.
    4).Door frame: stainless steel or other
    5).Surface material: stainless steel with protecting film.

    Cold room insulation panel:use 100%polyurethane insulation panel,density about 36~42kg/m3,with gasket,with flame retardant, fire-resistant panel thickness:100mm~200mm, standard width of panel is 960mm
  • How To Choose Spiral Freezer

    First cold chain company’s  Spiral freezer  machine is a kind of compact structure, widely applicable, cover an area of an area small, rapid freezing, freezing capacity of equipment, It suitable for food processing enterprise at home and abroad is used in frozen goods.

    Scope of application: prepared food,seafood , ice cream, noodle, split meat and poultry, aquatic products, Fried food, small package food, etc.

    Structural components

    The Spiral quick-freezing machine is mainly by transmission part, evaporator, PU and electrical apparatus

    The transmission part is consists of transmission motor, net belt, drum and independent frequency converter.

    The evaporator is composed of stainless steel and aluminum fins, with variable sheet spacing to ensure smooth wind circulation. The evaporator pipe can be aluminum tube, copper tube and stainless steel tube;

    The PU is made of stainless steel +  Polyurethane insulation 

    The electrical system is composed of stainless steel box well-know electrical components  and PLC


    1. High freezing capacity and more automation

    2. Compact structure and Saving floor occupying

    3. Transmission network belt, with strong resistance to elongation and high abrasion resistance, thus improving the service life and stability of the equipment

    4. The equipment is equipped with a network belt to run the self-inspection device, which can monitor the network operation status at any time and eliminate unnecessary losses caused by the operation of the network belt.<o:p>

    5. With outside transmission system , the equipment, reliable operation, energy saving, easy maintenance, in line with HACCP requirements.

  • What is the Quick Freezer

    The First cold chain quick-freezing machine Introduction
     Quick-freezer machine is a fast freeze equipment, the product in a relatively short period of time by -35℃ even more lower temperature make the product center temperature reaches -18℃, (3cm thick below the frozen product (excluding packaging), within 30min product center temperature from +15 down to -18 ℃ As the standard), in order to achieve the product lattice does not change, the water does not precipitate, to achieve product reversibility of fresh. Easy to transport products, products to achieve the complementary season, the maximum extent to ensure that the product of fresh.
    The working principle
    The quick-freezer unit is mainly composed of a quick-freezer machine, a refrigeration system and an electrical control system. The worker will put a frozen plate of frozen food or directly through the quick-frozen inlet into the quick-freezing machine ,so that the product is heated by the central temperature Or other temperatures, to -18 degrees.
    Q uick Freezer machine classification
    Tunnel-type freezer
    Simple structure, easy operation, wide range of applications. Affordable. Suitable for a variety of products quickly frozen. 
    Such as meat seafood.

    Spiral type freezer
    The use of spiral transmission products, small footprint, the amount of freezing, so this mechanism can produce a larger production of quick-frozen equipment, the current application is also more, mainly used in the food industry frozen industry.such as:meat seafood.

    Fluidizing quick-freezer machine (IQF)
    The use of the end of the way to make the product in the fluid process to achieve rapid freezing, suitable for  individually product quick freezing.such as : fruit and vegetable etc

    Hydraulic Contact Plate Freezer
    The internal aluminum plate of the hydraulic contact plate freezer can be moved horizontally up and down, and heat exchange is achieved by double-sided contact with the frozen product. The product can be quickly frozen and the corresponding refrigeration system can be matched according to the customer's needs. The quick-freezing machine is suitable for land and fishing Frozen pieces of food, such as fish, surimi, shrimp, shellfish and so on.
  • How To Choose Tunnel Freezer

    Tunnel freezer is a simple structure of the freezer, It can be divided into different forms of belt and steel sheet . The tunnel quick freezing is divided into two kinds of stainless steel mesh belt and Module mesh belt . It is used for quick-freezing of aquatic products (shrimp, fish fillet, squid, scallop) meat and various frozen foods (dough, egg tarts, etc.) Processing.
    Composition: tunnel type freezer mainly by the transmission part, evaporator, PU and electrical equipment
    The net belt with a large stick chain transmission, reduce mechanical friction, running the use of rectangular square tube + ultra-high wear resistance. The structure of the freezer inside is made of stainless steel, water defrosting series device, the transmission shaft is usually stainless steel shaft, clean and sanitary, the equipment is reliable, long service life, the belt can be ventilated up and down, the freezing speed is fast.
    Evaporator: the evaporator is made of stainless steel or copper or aluminum tube and aluminum fins, with variable sheet spacing to ensure smooth wind circulation.high heat transfer efficiency, quick freeze (cooling )fast, evaporator along the belt with the direction of running ,Wind area is large, therefore not easy to frost, can be a long time continuous production.
    PU: Insulation with double-sided stainless steel polyurethane 150mm insulation board body board, insulation effect is good, PU door for the double-sealed and with electric heating, effectively prevent freezing.
    Electrical system: The use of stainless steel control cabinet, electrical components are used well-know brands, beautiful appearance, easy to operate. According to customer requirements using PLC control.

  • Why Choose First Cold Chain Tunnel Freezer

    Tunnel freezer advantage 
    A. The overall structure
    The use of stainless steel overhead tripod, flat to install the ground foundation without special requirements, the bottom of the library design a certain degree of tilt, easy to clean, to minimize the breeding of bacteria.
    B. PU
    1. Freez er body based on the indoor assembled cold storage (ZBX99003-86), "combination refrigerator with heat insulation sandwich board" JB/T6527-2006 standard production, production, installation and acceptance. Library board adopts double stainless steel self-extinguishing flame retardant polyurethane sandwich insulation board, panel thickness 0.8mm+0.5mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, the plate thickness 150mm.
    2. Thermal insulation material, the plate adopts self-extinguishing flame retardant rigid polyurethane meet the following indicators: 40 kg/m3 density requirements or greater (less than a full board average density, then cutting sampling density); Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.024 w/m.k or less; Requirement: the compressive strength of the wall panel, roof is 150 ~ 200 Kpa, ground 300 Kpa or higher
    Bibulous rate is 4% or less; Dimensional stability < 1% (30 ℃, 48 h); Self-extinguishing 7 seconds or less.
    3. The door : Library door for the double seal and with electric heating, effectively prevent freezing.
    C .Mechanical transmission
    1. Conveyor belt, chain network USES the food grade bright spring SUS304 stainless steel, with smooth surface, plate, wear shaft connected with flexible operation, large roller transmission chain net rolling;
    2. Mesh belt and guide slide friction in contact area using high molecular wear-resisting PVC materials. Make  guide slide friction is more reliable when in contact with the mesh belt and separation, not to drop crumbs, ensure the security of the frozen goods.
    3. Inlet platform fortification material ultra-high transfinite device, adjustable stainless steel wind insulation device; discharging mouth platform set up automatic blanking.
    4. The transmit driver using frequency conversion speed reducer, mesh belt running frequency control of motor speed, frozen time adjusted.
    D. Evaporator, and Defrosting
    1. Evaporator according to feed liquid evaporation temperature -45℃ design selection.
    2. Evaporator using efficient is treated by surface oxidation rust from aluminum finned tube, to ensure uniform frost, air flow, bracket plate shell adopts stainless steel wind.
    3. With high efficiency and energy saving, low noise axial flow fan, ram is stainless steel, it is anti-rust aluminum alloy blades, motor is fully enclosed moisture proof waterproof at low temperature, stable running.
    4. Adopts manual gas defrosting method, gas defrosting water spray device in evaporator, strong frost uniform, rapid, complete, gas defrosting drain avoid ice blocking drainage and wind circulation, fortification gas defrosting water splash.
    E. Electric control
    1. All motors and power distribution cabinet external electrical components is not lower than IP55 protection grade, motor uses Y2 type waterproof.
    2. Equipment, safety protection device is installed inside, can timely show abnormal of equipment operation, so that timely troubleshooting, import and export are equipped with an emergency stop device.
    3. Electrical materials: the main control electrical components mainly adopts Schneider brand.
    4.According to the customers requirement offer PLC
    F. Compressor unit 
    Compressor unit use well-know brand + company independent design and assembly, improve efficiency and prolong service life.
  • Why choose first cold chain spiral freezer

    First cold chain spiral freezer overall advantage
    1. Quick-frozen indoor clean and safe and reliable and energy saving
    2. Restrictions on tape device, automatic fault alarm device, automatic stop device manually; Reliable operation running smoothly
    3. Polyurethane insulation board; Duplex stainless steel anti-collision plate

    4. Inside spiral freezer internal maintenance channel; the evaporator water defrosting device Facilitate cleaning maintenance
    5. Inside spiral freezer within the whole welding stainless steel 304, and plate, side a sink, and avoid dust sleeper, ensure food safety and health.
    6. Frozen zone frame structure, support, support, platform, air duct plate, mesh belt, skeleton, parts and components adopt food-grade SUS304 stainless steel (reducer, motor and other standard parts and special parts except).
    7. In the reasonable air distribution ventilation, wind speed field and temperature field uniform stability, uniform freezing temperature;

    8.With Outside transmission system , the equipment, reliable operation, energy saving, easy maintenance, in line with HACCP requirements.
    9. Import and export parts designed to return by parts, stainless steel wind shield, shipment into bar insulation device, adjustable import and export of stainless steel wind heat preservation device, prevent different lead to two different temperature regions of the air pressure inside and outside air cold heat exchange cooling capacity loss.
    10.The access door use SUS304 stainless steel double-sided self-extinguishing flame retardant rigid polyurethane insulation board, set safety electric heating devices, resistance to low temperature aging oil sealing strip, can open internally, accord with requirement of GB2894 safety warning signs, safe in operation.
    11. Large effective special evaporator, the evaporation temperature and frozen indoor temperature difference is reduced, defrosting lag, defrosting independent drainage, separated from the cleaning water drainage, to facilitate defrosting water reuse.

    12. Electric control
    1. All motors and power distribution cabinet external electrical components is not lower than IP55 protection grade, motor uses Y2 type waterproof.
    2. Equipment, safety protection device is installed inside, can timely show abnormal of equipment operation, so that timely troubleshooting, import and export are equipped with an emergency stop device.
    3. Electrical materials: the main control electrical components mainly adopts Schneider brand. 

    4.According to the customers requirement offer PLC
    Compressor unit
    Compressor unit use well-know brand + company independent design and assembly, improve efficiency and prolong service life.


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