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  • 2020-02-27

    The Benefits of China IQF Freezer for Fries

    The Benefits of China Iqf Freezer for FriesThe Appeal of China Iqf Freezer for FriesTo cover the challenge of quick-freezing sticky goods, the freezer employs a mix of vibrating product beds and a pulsator.china iqf freezer for fries factory A liquid nitrogen freezer (LNF),fluidized bed freezer with

  • 2020-01-13

    The overall structural performance of the freezer

    Overall structural characteristics and performance of DSW1000 tunnel type mesh belt single-speed freezer: overall design 1. The design and production of the entire equipment shall comply with the requirements of HACCP and the new version of food and drug GMP, SC, etc .; comply with the standards of the People ’s Republic of China “food single-speed freezer” And commodity inspection export requirements. 2. The internal and external structure of the storehouse is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304, all of which are welded by argon arc welding, and the joints are pickled. (Except standard and special parts such as reducer, motor, etc.). 3. According to the characteristics of quick freezing of frozen products, design the process structure parameters, and the evaporator has a large effective surface area. The large-pitch aluminum alloy finned tube group is used to change the pitch design to reduce the difference between the temperature of the evaporator and the interior. The design selection is based on the evaporation temperature. -42 degrees Celsius. Full evaporation area, high heat exchange efficiency, fully considering the influence of incoming and outgoing temperature, the design makes frost lag, and prolongs the working time of the freezer. 4.Evaporator is equipped with stainless steel SUS304 fan tube

  • 2019-12-26

    Freezing and refrigeration system debugging and precautions

    I. Precautions during operation of the refrigeration system: The expansion valve is one of the four major components of the refrigeration system. It is an important device for regulating and controlling the flow and pressure of the refrigerant into the evaporator. It is also the \"demarcation line\" on the high and low pressure side. Its adjustment is not only related to the normal operation of the entire refrigeration system, but also an important indicator of the operator's skill level. The adjustment of the expansion valve must be performed carefully and patiently. The adjustment of the pressure must take place through the evaporator and the temperature of the warehouse to produce boiling (evaporation), and then enter the compressor suction chamber through the pipeline to reflect on the pressure gauge, which requires a time process. Each time the expansion valve is adjusted, it usually takes 15-30 minutes to stabilize the adjustment pressure of the expansion valve on the suction pressure gauge. The suction pressure of the compressor is an important reference parameter for the adjustment pressure of the expansion valve. The expansion of the expansion valve is small, and the flow rate of the refrigerant is small, and the pressure is low. The expansion of the expansion valve is large, and the flow rate of the refrigerant is large, and the pressure is also low.

  • 2019-12-26

    Cold ton-horse-power-unit conversion-cooler matching knowledge

    Cold ton (RT): A unit of air-conditioning refrigeration. Cold ton is also known as frozen ton. Frozen ton refers to the energy required to freeze one ton of water into ice. (Note: 1 cold ton is the cooling capacity required to make 1 ton of 0 ° C water into 0 ° C ice in 24 hours.) 1 ton of 0 ° C water can be converted into 0 ° C ice in 24 hours , Frozen tons represent the refrigeration capacity of the freezer. Horsepower (HP): The number of horsepower (PH) in air-conditioning cooling capacity is calculated in kilocalories or watts (W). Generally speaking, 1PH = 2000 kilocalories, multiplied by 1.16 in international units. Calculate 2500W as the standard 1PH in daily life. 23 represents a small horse; the cooling area is 10-14 square meters. 26 stands for 1 horse; cooling area is 14-18 square meters. 32 represents a small 1.5 horse; the cooling area is 18-22 square meters. 35 represents plus 1.5 horses; refrigeration area is 22-25 square meters

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