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IQF Freezer

  Freezing Capacity: 500kg/h-5000kg/h


  Products: Fruits, vegetables, french fries, and seafood


  Features: Individual quick freezing (IQF) is a technology developed as a specific solution to block or cluster-freezing of small-sized products, to preserve quality and to give unparalleled convenience to end-users. The IQF freezer covers a broad range of product types such as fruits, vegetables, diced meat, shrimp,etc.


  This IQF freezer is designed based on our more than 10 years of experience in IQF freezing and manufacturing. Our freezer uses the fluidizing principle by directing frigid air upward through the stainless steel mesh belt to fluidize the product. Fluidization means that we make the mass of food particles behave like a liquid. This technique provides high heat transfer between the air and the product and keeps the product in motion during freezing. Therefore, our freezer will have a true individual quick freezing (IQF) of the products.


   More than 10 years experience in the IQF freezer manufacture filed.

   Pre-assembled and fully tested at our factory.

   Easily installed on site.

   Built to CE ;ISO9001 Specifications & international Standards

   Saving in processing floor space and personal costs.

  Easy access to sanitation and maintenance.

   Custom designs available


  All structures are made of 304 stainless steel and UHMWP engineering plastic, Sloped floor, and elevated floor-enclosure joint to guarantee hygiene standardLibrary board adopts double stainless steel self-extinguishing flame retardant polyurethane sandwich insulation board, panel thickness 0.8 mmSUS304 stainless steel plate, the plate thickness 150mm Thermal insulation material, the plate adopts self-extinguishing flame retardant rigid polyurethane meet the following indicators: 40 kg/m3 density requirements or greater (less than a full board average density, then cutting sampling density); Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.024 w/m.k or less; Requirement: the compressive strength of the wall panel, roof is 150 ~ 200 Kpa, ground 300 Kpa or higher; Bibulous rate is 4% or less; Dimensional stability < 1% (30 ℃, 48 h); Self-extinguishing 7 seconds or less.


  Two stage or one stage belting structure with independent speed control, providing perfect IQF results with true fluidization.

Conveyor belt, chain network USES the food grade bright spring SUS304 stainless steel, with smooth surface, plate, wear shaft connected with flexible operation, large roller transmission chain net rolling;
Mesh belt and guide slide friction in contact area using high molecular wear-resisting PVC materials. Make guide slide friction is more reliable when in contact with the mesh belt and separation, not to drop crumbs, ensure the security of the frozen goods.
Inlet platform fortification material ultra-high transfinite device, adjustable stainless steel wind insulation device; discharging mouth platform set up automatic blanking.
The transmit driver using frequency conversion speed reducer, mesh belt running frequency control of motor speed, frozen time adjusted. Aluminum evaporator with variable fin spacing. High heat removal capacity. Easy to clean .
Controlled Airflow to make freezing products suspend above the conveyor belt.PLC control system, variable belt-running speed control.Modular design with minimal internal structure and framework, easy to maintain and clean.
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