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Low temperature liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology principle

Views: 0     Author: sunny sun      Publish Time: 2022-12-13      Origin: first cold chain

Low temperature liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology principle:

Low-temperature liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology is the application of [ice crystallization theory], using liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature -196 degrees, to make the frozen items pass through the largest ice crystal formation area in a very short time, so that the pressure inside and outside the food cells is relatively balanced, and the maximum degree It is a new food preservation technology that protects the cell tissue of frozen items, maintains cell activity, ensures the fresh quality of frozen items, and retains the original nutrients to the greatest extent.

Technical advantages:

Compared with food processed by conventional freezing, the food processed by liquid nitrogen technology has the biggest advantage that the cell membrane is not damaged, the nutrients will not be lost after thawing, and the original flavor, taste and nutritional value of the food will be maintained. Fresh food is even better. Biological cells have a very miraculous biochemical reaction, that is, when they encounter a sudden strong cold, an antifreeze substance will be produced inside the cell to resist the change of external temperature. This substance is called glycogen, which appears fresh in taste. sweet taste. For example, cabbage, green vegetables, etc., will feel particularly sweet after being exposed to frost, which is the reason. Experiments have shown that such substances also exist in the cells of hibernating animals. Liquid quick-freezing technology is to use low temperature and ultra-low temperature to lower the temperature of food in a very short time, and glycogen substances will be produced in food cells, so when thawed and eaten, it will taste sweeter than fresh food.

Compared with conventional freezing technology, liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology has shorter freezing time and larger output per unit time. Such as first cold chain tunnel type liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine, spiral quick-freezing machine, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cabinet, immersion-type quick-freezing machine and other machinery occupy a small area, save energy consumption, and have high efficiency and production capacity. Another obvious advantage is less capital investment. Using liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology can save a lot of money for enterprises.

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