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tunnel freezer for freezing seafood

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Tunnel freezer for freezing seafood

Tunnel freezer is an ideal machine for preserving seafood. They provide superior freezing, maintaining the freshness and flavor of seafood products while protecting them from contamination and spoilage. Tunnel freezers provide an efficient way to quickly store large quantities of seafood. The most popular tunnel freezers measure 1800-3000mm wide and can be up to 8000-20000mm long, and have entry doors on both sides of the machine so you can easily access the frozen product inside. Depending on your needs, the temperature level of the tunnel freezer can be adjusted to -35°C or lower as required.

The first advantage is its airtight design, which allows fans to generate cold air along the length of the unit to effectively cool incoming fish passing through it at high speed without interruption - between 0ºC and -25ºC depending on what is being processed What type of food does it have? Whether you're freezing lobster tails or shrimp, this will help with high-quality results - as the lower temperatures aid preservation by reducing the growth of bacteria that would otherwise cause the food to spoil over time if not frozen!

Another benefit is that, due to the consistent temperature of each batch they process, they are able to not only maintain quality standards, but also improve them; this reduces labor costs associated with manual sorting of unthawed pieces prior to packing them into boxes , thus improving customer satisfaction! In addition, these machines are equipped with adjustable belt speeds so that the operation can be precisely adjusted for different types/sizes/weights (such as those mentioned above) and other shapes (such as rounded cubes, etc.) passed through without changing the entire process Operationally any change in settings in either makes the operator's life easier while ensuring consistency across batches while strictly adhering to FDA environmental sanitation regulations (important especially when handling food).

Finally, because all parts related to the tunnel structure, including frame supports, are manufactured from highly durable materials such as stainless steel, which evenly distributes the weight of the load during transport, conveniently located wheels allow for reliable movement across the warehouse floor if necessary. Accessibility, which means no matter where the units end up being stored Thanks to their portability and mobility, they will remain intact no matter what the circumstances. Achieve industry-leading performance metrics needed to optimize energy-saving output without sacrificing functionality Parameters in line with changing market trends Demand coverage Even last-minute requests Smoother and easier collaboration Agenda-driven implementation planning should take priority here too!


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