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How to distinguish between various cold storage

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How to distinguish between various cold storages:

We usually divide the cold storage into the following types according to the requirements of the products and the temperature of the cold storage:

1.Fresh storage

The storage temperature of the fresh-keeping storehouse is generally between 0 ° C and 5 ° C. It is mainly used for preservation, that is, to maintain the original quality and freshness of agricultural products to a maximum extent for a long time. It is in a dormant state, reducing the loss of nutrients and maintaining fresh quality.

This is generally used in fruits and vegetables.

The current fruit and vegetable industry is all concentratedly planted. In the process of transportation and sale, it is inevitable to use cold storage to maintain the nutritional components that fruits and vegetables should have.


The temperature of the refrigerator is generally -15 ° C to -18 ° C. Generally, the food is put into the cold storage step by step from time to time. After a period of time, the temperature of the cold storage reaches -18 ° C, and the pickup is also irregular and irregular.

There is no specific requirement for this \"some time\", this is a typical refrigerator.

For example, meat and aquatic products have high requirements for storage temperature, and the internal products will not deteriorate. In addition, during the sale process, it must be taken out and stored irregularly. Generally, the cold storage in large supermarkets is refrigerated.

3.Frozen storage

The temperature of the quick-freezing warehouse is generally -35 ~ -40 ℃. The materials used for the rapid freezing of low-temperature refrigerators are generally at -18 ~ -20 ℃. The frozen materials are stored for a long time.

It uses a variety of refrigeration equipment, that is, artificial refrigeration, to maintain a certain low temperature in the room.

Many foods such as ice cream and seafood need to be stored at a temperature of -25 ° C to avoid spoiling. For example, when the ice cream does not reach -25 ° C, its fragrance will be gone; the freshness and taste of seafood are much worse .

The characteristics of the low-temperature storage are: the food is gradually put into the cold storage step by step, and the temperature of the cold storage reaches -25 ° C after a period of time. There is no special cold storage design process and technical requirements for this period of time. There are strict requirements, between -22 ℃ ~ -25 ℃, this is a typical low temperature library.

Compared with the fresh storage, the mechanism of the freezer is very different. Too low temperature will cause the death of food and tissues such as meat and seafood. The freshness will be greatly affected. Not that the lower the temperature, the better.


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