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Design considerations for quick freezing refrigerators

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Blast freezer Design considerations:

1. Understand the purpose of cold storage and visit the cold storage site to collect cold storage parameters.

The specific parameters of the cold storage site are very important. The actual size of the cold storage site and the surrounding environment all directly affect the cold storage equipment and the construction drawings of the cold storage.

2. Select the appropriate freezing temperature and freezing time according to the characteristics of the items to be stored in the cold storage.

Different types of products have different temperature requirements. For example, the temperature requirements for quick-freezing stores such as tuna are different from those of fresh products. The center temperature of frozen products must be -50 degrees to ensure the quality of their fish.

Therefore, the understanding of the product characteristics and other characteristics of the quick freezer must be accurate!

After the above two points are determined, the cold storage equipment and cold storage parts and accessories to be used in the quick freezing cold storage are selected.


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