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Thawing Machine Defrost Beef And Chicken 1t/time To 30t/time

First cold chain the low-temperature high-humidity air to blow the surface of frozen products circularly and evenly; Control the defreezing time, temperature and humidity by stages; the frozen products can be unfrozen slowly and homogeneously. Defreezer is one of our most important machine
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一、设计依据:Design Principle

n 产品类型:-18℃【猪肉,鸡肉,牛肉】块状冻品

Product type:-18℃【Pork,Chicken,Beef】Frozen PCS

n 解冻方式:采用架车形式解冻

 Defrosting Method:Defrosting Carts

n 解冻量:单台可一次解冻10吨-18度【猪肉,鸡肉,牛肉】块状冻品

 Defrosting Capacity:5T each time/-18℃【Pork,Chicken,Beef】Frozen PCS

n 解冻时长:8~12 h/次

 Defrosting Time:8~12 h each time

n 数量:1台

 Quantity:1 set

二、解冻原理 Defrosting Tech Summary                                              


Our technical theory is on the basis of using low temperature and high humidity air to blow the surface of frozen products recycling and equally to thaw the frozen products.At the same time,this machine can automatic use PLC to control the temperature and time by stage .

三、主要设备结构 Main Equipment Structure    

1、内部结构Internal structure

n 配有分风支架、接水盘、导流风板、分风板、风机支架面板、隔风板等,材质均为304不锈钢;

With air support, water collection tray, wind deflector plates, air board, fan bracket panels, wind prevent board, made of 304 stainless steel;

n 风机为冷库专用轴流风机,外壳与支架为材质均为304不锈钢;

Cold storage dedicated fan axial fans, shell and bracket are made of 304 stainless steel;

n 电机为防潮耐低温电机,铸铝扇叶;

Motor is for moisture &low temperature resistance , cast aluminum blades;

n 蒸发器采用高效经表面氧化处理铜管铝片加工,不锈钢外壳;

Evaporator with efficient use of surface oxidized aluminum machining brass, stainless steel shell;

n 分液器分液均匀,确保结霜均匀,气流通畅。

Dispenser dispensing evenly to ensure frost uniform, clear airflow

3、加湿加温系统 Heated & humidification system

n 加温方式:水蒸汽方式。 通过管路把热量传导进解冻间内,水蒸汽通过管路减压雾化完成。

Method 1: water steam : The heat conduction through the conduit into inner thawed room,and water steam completed by reduced pressure and steam atomization of double line.

n 辅助加湿方式:意大利加湿泵组一套。保持解冻间环境湿度。循环风通过变频风速把解冻间温湿度吹拂均匀。

Method 2: One set Italy humidification pump. keep thawing room environment humidity. Winds circulating blows evenly through the frequency wind blows between thawing temperature and humidity.

4、制冷系统 Refrigeration system

n 制冷机组Refrigeration units; Germany Bitzer-8.2Y 1套;

n 制冷阀Refrigeration valves:DANFOSS;

n 制冷剂与冷冻油Refrigerant and refrigeration oil:均采用国内知名品牌;

n 制冷管路管材符合氟利昂制冷安装要求不锈钢管与铜管,制冷管路保温采用套管方式保证均匀,无缝隙,确保保温效果;

Freon refrigeration cooling stainless steel pipe and copper pipe, cooling pipe insulation adopted sleeves approach to ensure uniform, seamless and insulation effect;

n 库温设定范围20℃~-0℃,蒸发温度-10℃。冷凝温度38℃,制冷6.5KW。

Storage temperature setting range 20 ℃ ~ -0 ℃, evaporation temperature -10 ℃. Condensing temperature 38 ℃, cooling capacity 6.5KW

5.电气控制系统 Electrical Control System

n 西门子PLC微电脑控制;Siemens PLC microcomputer control;

n 控制程序采用德国Fascino技术; Germany Fascino control program technology;

n 控制屏:台湾10寸真彩人机界面触摸屏;

control panel: Taiwan 10-inch color touch screen interface

n 参数设定:传感器以中心温度,表面温度,库内温度,库内湿度传感信号为准参数设定;

Parameter settings: Transducer parameter settings are according to temperature of center,surface and interior, inside humidity sensor signal

n 电器元件均为施耐德品牌;electrical components are Schneider brand;

n 电线采用铜芯防水电缆。Using copper wire waterproof cable.


四、技术标准 Technical Standard                                              


low temperature and high humidity air is the main system and refrigerating system is as a auxiliary system.The PLC can control the whole system to keep energy-saving and scentific when defrosting.

原料肉解冻标准Raw meat standard:

n 解冻完成后,解冻间内的冻品解冻的效果均匀一致,无氧化与黑线现象出现;

  After defrosting ,the effects of frozen products keep balance,no oxidization and gray line.

n 原料肉解冻结束后,肌肉组织饱满有光泽、有弹性;

  After defrosting,muscular tissue is full luster and elastic.

n 解冻后原料肉的蛋白质汁液流失率1%左右【以合规原料肉为标准】;

  After defrosting,the lost rate of protein juice is less  1%【raw meat should be qualified 】

n 解冻后原料肉的中心温度可设置为-2±1℃,具体情况可具体设定;

  After defrosting,the temperature in the center could be set at -2±1℃and Particular case is particular setting.

n 解冻控制设置多段解冻模式,可更精准控制解冻过程,解冻时间在8-12小时(根据肉类体积不同而设定解冻参数)。

Defrosting type can be set in several stages and control the process accurately ,time controlled at 8-12H according to the different situation.

五、解冻设备制作与解冻优势 Manufacture & Advantages                                

1、设备自身优势 Equipment advantages

n 先进技术:采用德国技术的同时,结合自身多年制作经验、生产制作同时对现在设备进行 研发更新改进。独特的分风方式风量按解冻时间段的不同,采用了分段分量送风,进而更细致、更均匀、更准确的进行送风循环,保证产品最佳解冻效果。

Advanced technology: German technology, combined with years of production experience,also developing new and improved equipment now. Unique air distribution way and air volume at different thaw periods, with a sub-component of air, and then a more detailed, uniform and accurate air circulation to ensure the best product thawing effect.

n 材质保障:库内构成材质均为符合食品卫生要求的304不锈钢板及管材,(墙板、分风板、瓦楞吊顶板、横梁、立柱等,详见解冻机配件参数及价格),这样采用是为了满足卫生需求及构造的强度及使用寿命。

Material guarantee: materials comply with food hygiene requirements of 304 stainless steel plate and pipe, (wall panels, air board, corrugated ceiling panels, beams, columns, etc., see the thawing machine parts parameters and price), in order to meet the hygiene needs, structural strength and service life.

2、 Thawing advantages

Thaw technique is to use low temperature and high humidity of circulating air blowing, make the product surface form a uniform air distribution, PLC automatic segmentation by controlling temperature and time to achieve product thaw. Low humidity thawing equipment not only save costs, but more important is to maintain freshness of original organoleptic characteristics,fully meet the market fresh sailing after thawing.

n 解冻过程可阶段性控制 thawing process can be phased control

n 保持产品原有色泽及弹性maintain the original color and elasticity of the product

n 失水率低,最小的蛋白质流失 low water loss rate, the minimum protein loss

n 产品解冻快速均匀,能耗低 product thaw quickly and evenly, low energy consumption

n 可控低温,抑制微生物的生长controllable low temperature, inhibit microbial growth

n 单位面积使用效率高 high efficiency unit area using

n 设备可做冷藏保鲜使用 can be used as fresh cold storage facilities

n n

六、技术参数 Technical Data                                        

1.设备基本参数Basic Data






Frozen Products

Ø Thawed product:-18℃ Frozen Chicken



Ø -18℃  Frozen Chicken

Ø 10T/次


Carts(supplied by buyer)

Ø type:L1300mm xW800mm x H2000mm

Ø load:600KG/SET

Ø QTY:16set


Defrosting Standard

Ø Inter  Average temperature -18℃

Ø Out center temperature -1℃~-2.5℃


Defrosting Time

Ø 8-12h


Refrigeration/heating method

Ø R404A

Bitzer compressor air cooler compressor unit 8P 1套  

Ø Power7.5KW


Total power(Kw)



Water consumption/

Steam consumption

水water 0.5T/time 蒸汽steam 2-3kg/c㎡







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