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The development prospect of prepared food and the indispensable role of impact quick-freezers in the development of prepared food industry

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The development prospect of prepared food and the indispensable role of impact quick-freezers in the development of prepared food industry

         With the arrival of market consumption upgrades, prepared food products, which were initially mainly for fast food chains, hotels, takeaways and other catering industries, are now gradually entering the Chinese family kitchens. Especially under the influence of this special event, convenient, convenient, hygienic and delicious pre-made dishes not only save the cumbersome procurement of various ingredients, but also simplify the complex steps of meal preparation, improve cooking efficiency, and bring great benefits to the home kitchen. Great convenience, pre-made dishes release huge market consumption potential.

        Data shows that 56% of young consumers often buy ingredients to cook by themselves, and pre-made and semi-finished dishes are one of their favorite purchases. The so-called prepared food are mainly used modern standardized and automated production equipment (such as vegetable cutting equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, quick-freezing machines, etc.) to form an assembly line operation, in which the rapid freezing technology (-18°C or -30°C) is used to store them and fully lock the prepared food. The freshness and original flavor of the dishes maintain the nutrition, taste and flavor of the ingredients.

      Undoubtedly, modern prepared food processing equipment not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures product flavor, taste and quality. It is understood that a prepared food processing enterprise has introduced automated prepared food production equipment to achieve mass production and ensure the original taste of the products. In addition, the company strives to create a high-standard production environment, continuously improves production, testing and inspection equipment and technology, and forms a traceability system from raw materials to finished products, thereby ensuring the safety of the entire production process, and has played a solid role in food quality and safety. Assure.

     While pre-made dishes bring convenience, speed and safety to cooking meals, how to fully retain the nutrition and flavor of the ingredients is crucial to satisfy the discerning taste buds of young consumers. It is not difficult to find that many companies have applied advanced refrigeration equipment, such as the high-efficiency impact quick-freezer launched by Tianjin First Cold Chain Co. Ltd Compared with traditional freezing equipment, the direct blowing method of centrifugal fan greatly reduces the freezing time of prepared food, reduces the loss of moisture and nutrients, and retains the nutrition and original flavor of the ingredients.

   For frozen prepared food  products, cold chain transportation is also a key link and plays an important role in locking the nutrition, flavor and freshness of prepared food products. As another type of refrigeration equipment, refrigerated trucks and other cold chain transportation equipment have greatly increased with the development of  the cold chain transportation industry in recent years, and the demand, output and retention of refrigerated trucks have also greatly increased. Quality, energy conservation and environmental protection have been greatly improved, and new energy vehicles have continued to increase, providing equipment support for the storage and transportation of prepared food.

   The introduction of pre-made dishes into the home kitchen allows people to say goodbye to the complicated steps of buying, washing, cutting, seasoning, etc., and can eat delicious meals with simple processing. Although the current domestic precooked food market size is about 300 billion, accounting for about 20% of the frozen food ingredients market, but in the context of consumption upgrades, the continuous rise of the younger generation of consumer groups and the lazy economy, in the next few years, the prepared food market or It will reach a trillion-scale market. Refrigeration equipment and other related manufacturing enterprises (Tianjin First Cold Chain Co., Ltd.) are accelerating the innovation and research and development of prepared food production and processing equipment, and constantly improve the comprehensive performance of equipment to better meet market demand.


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