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Cold storage installation and commissioning of refrigeration equipment

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Assembly and installation of the refrigeration apparatus A.

If the evaporator temperature is below -15 °, gas-liquid separator should be installed, and the appropriate amount of refrigeration oil in the gas-liquid separator and the amount of refrigeration oil.

2, the compressor should be installed base rubber seat.

3, the unit must be installed with space for maintenance, easy to adjust the viewing instrument and the valve.

4, the high pressure gauge should be installed at a three-way valve storage irrigation liquid.

5, the overall layout of the machine is reasonable, the same color, all kinds of unit installation structure should be consistent.

B. freezer and chiller installation

1. Select the suspended position, first consider the optimum position of the air circulation, and consider the direction of the reservoir structure.

2, the gap between the chiller plate and the reservoir should be greater than the thickness of the chiller.

3. All coolers sealant plug fixing and sealing applications, and leakage to prevent cold bridges.

4. When overweight fan beam angle should be made angle of 5 or 4, the other across the roof beams and wall panels should, in order to reduce its weight.

C. cooling pipe installation techniques

1. The copper tube diameter should be strictly selected compressor intake and exhaust valves of the interface. When more than three meters apart condenser and the compressor, the pipe diameter should be increased.

2, the condenser wall surface of the suction holding distance of more than 400mm, outlet obstruction holding more than 3 meters away.

3, the inlet and the outlet diameter of the liquid reservoir should be marked on the device based on the diameter of the sample outlet port and an exhaust port.

4, the compressor suction line and the return line chillers not less than a predetermined size of a sample to decrease the internal resistance of the vapor lines.

5. When a position higher than the position of the condenser of the compressor, the exhaust pipe should have a certain slope. When the position of the condenser is higher than the position of the compressor, an exhaust pipe should tilt to the condenser, and the exhaust port installed liquid ring compressor, in order to prevent the gas cooling and liquefying high pressure outlet return stop. When you restart, the fluid is compressed.

6. U-bend should be installed at the exit of the chiller return pipe, return pipe should be tilted towards the direction of the compressor to ensure smooth oil return.

7. The expansion valve chillers installed as close as possible, the solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, the valve should be vertical, and pay attention to the discharge direction.

8. If necessary, return pipe of the compressor mounted in a filter to prevent the system from entering the compressor and to remove moisture from the system.

9, and locks all the sodium in the cooling system should be secured before the cold oil lubrication, and should enhance sealing performance. After fastening, to wipe clean the root of each cutting disc shall lock the door.

10, a temperature expansion valve bag with metal clips 100mm-200mm at the outlet of the evaporator is fixed, and incubated with double wrapped.

11, after completion of welding the entire system, to be tested for leakage, the high voltage terminal nitrogen 1.8MP. Low side full 1.2MP nitrogen leak detection with soap and water during filling, careful examination of welded joints, flanges and valves, the pressure holding is completed after 24 hours leak off pressure.

Installation art electronic control system D.

1, each pin marking line number for maintenance.

2, in strict accordance with demand drawings electronic control box and connected load test done.

3, each designated contact.

4, each electrical wire fixing member of the binding thread.

5, the electrical press-contact connector, the motor bus connectors, wire clamping applications.

6, each device must be connected to the wire laying pipe, and with clamps, PVC pipe adhesive connection cable, with a nozzle seal blanket.

7, horizontal and vertical distribution box installation, good ambient lighting, interior drying operation and easy to observe.

8, wire-line pipeline area shall not exceed 50%.

9, when the wire outside temperature does not exceed 4 degrees, the wire safety factor should be selected, or the defrosting operation unit.

10, the wire should not be exposed in the open air, in order to avoid long-term wind and sunburn Sipi aging, short circuit leakage and other phenomena


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