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How to choose a spiral freezer

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Frost Cold Chain's spiral freezer is a compact structure, widely used, small footprint, fast freezing speed, strong equipment freezing capacity, suitable for domestic and foreign food processing enterprises for frozen food.

Scope of application: prepared food, seafood, ice cream, noodles, split meat and poultry, aquatic products, fried foods, small packaged foods, etc.

Structural components

Spiral quick freezer is mainly composed of transmission parts, evaporator, PU and electrical appliances

The transmission part is composed of transmission motor, mesh belt, roller and independent frequency converter.

The evaporator consists of stainless steel and aluminum fins with variable paper spacing to ensure smooth air circulation. The evaporator tube can be aluminum tube, copper tube and stainless steel tube;

PU is made of stainless steel + polyurethane insulation material

Electrical system consists of well-known electrical components in a stainless steel box and PLC


1. High freezing capacity and high degree of automation

2.Compact structure saves space

3. Transmission mesh belt has strong resistance to elongation and high wear resistance, thereby improving the service life and stability of the equipment

4. The equipment is equipped with a mesh belt and self-checking device, which can monitor the network operation status at any time and eliminate unnecessary losses caused by the mesh belt operation.

5. The external transmission system is adopted, the equipment runs reliably, saves energy, and is easy to maintain, which meets HACCP requirements.


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