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Fluidized freezer operating instructions

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Thank use Furst products. Please pre-job training before use, carefully read this manual and operation and maintenance requirements.

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One.Safety rules

1. must hand operation and maintenance, rapid freezing plant operators must be trained.

2. Wear suitable protective clothing.

3. In the device around, not flowing and wear loose clothing, hair has been confirmed that the working beam of the cap.

4. Note that the freezer slip.

5. Do not stand directly on the conveyor belt.

Conveying belt 6. Do not reach into operation.

7. Do not transfer to the other items on the belt, into the ship field, and pipeline.

8. Do not be serviced at the transmitting mesh belt / fan is in operation.

Do not open the access door 9. The system runtime. After the first 3 minutes at low temperature before heating the door opening access door light.

10. Rinse off before electrical control box, covered with plastic sheeting all electrical systems. Avoid moisture electrical system.

Open red cream valve 11. The non-runtime systems! After the red cream drain valve will open red cream tube memory than water drained to avoid pipe cracking.

12. Do not attempt to dismantle, modify equipment.

13. Run displays an abnormal (such as vibration, noise sharp), should immediately stop check.

14. Freezer door to overhaul and libraries heating lamps, it was confirmed Freezer total power off, the temperature inside the frozen machines> 5 ℃, before repair.

15. prevent movement striking against objects around the machine, freezer environment clean.

two.Check before starting

1.Check the evaporator fan and the freezer belt running in the right direction;

2.Confirm electric system is normal (refer to electrical wiring diagram and description), and correct phase wiring, electrical connectors securing good;

3. Normal heating inspection door, the door tight insulation, hand door hook fastener adjustment;

4.Sheet transport belt through-bar chain mesh properly, the mounting position of the normal, stable operation;

5.Inclining the fins of the evaporator to avoid evaporation tube hard object impact and scratches;

6.Check the air register means, the vibrating means into the ship column spoiler position;

7.Freezer temperature≧ 0 deg.] C; chamber and frozen belt, shaft, etc. up track surface is clean and dry; no frost evaporator;

8.Close red cream valve, drain valve and pipes under cover, close the access door.

three. Power:

1,Closing the cabinet main circuit switches;

2,Start belt drive (prohibited inStart belt state ≤0 ℃), and slowly rotating the drive frequency to the desired speed;

3,Start evaporator fan;

4. The transmission frequency of time out of the interior temperature of the material density control:


Category 1

Category 2

Frequency Hz






Intake / delivery time min






Intake / delivery temperature ℃

Internal temperature ℃

Feeding Density kg / m

Yield kg / h

Ambient temperature ℃


Production process for recording the measured parameters and to facilitate the production schedule.

four. restock:

1, -35 ℃ storage temperature reached in time into the cargo. The full cargo runtime temperature was maintained at -32 ~ -37 ℃. Record once every hour.

Frozen: boot time: The goods time: Ambient temperature: signature: date:

Record time


Transmission frequency

Freezing time

Feeding Density

Import / shipping temperature

Intake / cold running slaughter

Yield kg / h


2, the windshield adjustment: before the goods, will be reduced to a low position of the wind deflector to avoid run cold, the windshield is adjusted to a suitable height does not affect the goods in and out when the goods.

3, adjust the transmission frequency: The effect of frozen and frozen varieties given transmission frequency modulation recording.

Fives. Shutdown:

After an orderly shutdown of evaporator fans, closed belt transmission.

After closing the transfer belt must stand the temperature rise toAnd confirmed above 0 ℃ 30min belt guide rail adhesion is not reopened before transmission.

six. Defrost:

1, the freezer temperature after shutdown confirmation back above 0 deg.] C, before proceeding defrost water.

2, open access door, the door was observed, windshield, red cream into the water.

3, the evaporator red cream open valve (vent valve is closed) for defrost water.

4, until defrost clean, red cream off valve.

5, open the drain valve to drain the water pipe memory, avoid red cream pipe cracking (next time be sure to close the drain valve before starting).

Seven. Cleaning and preparation:

1, the cleaning Freezer: open mesh belt transport at room temperature of> 0 ℃, open water, to avoid moisture entering the cabinet with plastic Covers, disinfection of water pressure ≥3kg / cm2 of the mesh belt and freezer departments cleaning.

2, dried: Open the evaporator fan and an evaporator chamber frozen dry. Maoqing Jie-free dry cloth into the ship bar, belt, interior members, and other parts wipe cabinet.

3, before running again confirmed that indoor dry; Sheung Shui sure to turn off the defrost, vent valve and into the water.

Eight. Daily care and maintenance

1. Check the electrical weekly, evaporator, fans, with normal transmission network. Each fastening member without loosening. Insulation materials without damage.

2. Always check whether the system for leaks.

3. response system each year a complete overhaul.

nine. Electrical control instructions

1. Process for freezers, as unforeseen circumstances, the SBS press the emergency stop button (FIG.),

Belt stop, and then cut off the power to detect the fault. When troubleshooting, in the direction of arrow icon, unlock the emergency stop switch, so that only the operation of the device.

2. library using heating lamps and 36V security gate voltage from a power supply transformer station, or if the door opening library lamp heating, power transformers first open button to open the library lights, heating the door.

3. off on

1) open Freezer: Close the freezer cabinet breaker; first open mesh belt, and then open evaporator fan; slowly rotating the drive frequency to the desired speed.

2) the end of production downtime: first stop evaporation fan, then stop the belt.

ªAll electrical installation comply with the national electrical installation standards, all electrical appliances have a good grounding resistance.

ten. Common Faults and exclusion



the reason

elimination method


Excessive evaporator frosting

Humidity, excessive cold run

Into the stock before the drying process, adjusting the wind run


Belt can not be opened

Power supply or electrical components in question

Check power supply or replace components

Belt stop is not reset

Stop switch reset


Belt too tight, loose tooth jump

Drive shaft position, mesh or chain link problems

Adjusting the position of the drive shaft, mesh or chain link


Cargo bar run cold

Two uneven frosting the evaporator fan damage

Adjusting means adjusting the wind, thermal fluctuations or dampers, change the fan.


Frozen blown

Local wind speed is too large

Adjustment of thermal fluctuations, negative side of the evaporator plate


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