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Fresh storage

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  • 2021-12-27

    Cold ton-horse-power-unit conversion-cooler matching knowledge

    Cold ton (RT): A unit of air-conditioning refrigeration. Cold ton is also known as frozen ton. Frozen ton refers to the energy required to freeze one ton of water into ice. (Note: 1 cold ton is the cooling capacity required to make 1 ton of 0 ° C water into 0 ° C ice in 24 hours.) 1 ton of 0 ° C water can be converted into 0 ° C ice in 24 hours , Frozen tons represent the refrigeration capacity of the freezer. Horsepower (HP): The number of horsepower (PH) in air-conditioning cooling capacity is calculated in kilocalories or watts (W). Generally speaking, 1PH = 2000 kilocalories, multiplied by 1.16 in international units. Calculate 2500W as the standard 1PH in daily life. 23 represents a small horse; the cooling area is 10-14 square meters. 26 stands for 1 horse; cooling area is 14-18 square meters. 32 represents a small 1.5 horse; the cooling area is 18-22 square meters. 35 represents plus 1.5 horses; refrigeration area is 22-25 square meters

  • 2019-11-27

    Installation precautions

    Attentions for the installation of quick-freezing cold storage: 1. The foundation of the quick-freezing cold storage is affected by low temperature, and the moisture in the soil is easily frozen. Due to the volume expansion of the soil after freezing, it will cause ground rupture and deformation of the entire building structure, which will seriously make the cold storage unusable. For this reason, in addition to an effective heat insulation layer, the floor of the quick freezing cold storage must be treated under the heat insulation layer to prevent the soil from freezing. 2. The installation of quick-freezing cold storage uses stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum plate, colored steel plate, and composite plastic steel plate as the panel, rigid polyurethane foam plastic as the insulation material, and the composite wall panel is made by advanced technology. Good performance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and moth-proofing, non-toxic, non-mildew, it can show its superiority when used at lower temperature. The inner and outer panels of the board are made of colored steel (the base material is galvanized steel). The core of the board is foamed rigid polyurethane or pasted polystyrene foam board. Since all components except the ground are

  • 2019-11-27

    How to distinguish between various cold storage

    How to distinguish between various cold storages: According to the different products that are placed, we generally divide the cold storages into the following types: 1. The storage temperature of the fresh storage is generally 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, which is mainly used for fresh storage That is, to maintain the original quality and freshness of agricultural products to a maximum extent for a long time, and the living body of agricultural products should not die as much as possible, and the cells are in a dormant state during the refrigeration process, reducing the loss of nutrition and maintaining the fresh quality. This is generally used in fruits and vegetables.

  • 2019-11-20

    How to calculate the effective volume of a cold storage

    Calculation of effective storage volume in cold storage 1. Calculation of tonnage in cold storage: 1. Assembled light steel structure cold storage: Tonnage of assembled light steel structure cold storage = content of refrigerated room × volume utilization factor × unit weight of food Internal volume of cold storage room of prefabricated light-steel structure cold storage = (inside the storehouse) length × width × height (cubic): volume utilization factor (stacking) of prefabricated light-steel structure cold storage: 500 ~ 1000 cubic meters = 0.40; Cubic = 0.50; 2001 ~ 10000 cubic meters = 0.55; 10001 ~ 15000 cubic meters = 0.60: Volume utilization factor (shelf) of fabricated light steel structure cold storage: 4-6 layers of shelves, effective volume * 0.5; 6-8 layers of shelves, effective Volume * 0.6; 8-10 layers of shelves, effective volume * 0.8; shelves of more than 10 layers; effective volume * 1.0-1.42, civil structure cold storage cold storage civil structure cold storage tonnage = inside the cold storage room


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