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Operation and application characteristics of tunnel freezer

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Tunnel freezer product description

FST freezing tunnel It is a mature structure, stable performance of the apparatus frozen food. Transmission structure is simple, easy to ship. According to customer requirements, production ranging from 100 kg to 3000 kg per hour per hour. Mainly used for a variety of frozen dumplings, meatloaf, chop meat, fish and other seafood, prepared foods and other foods. Freezer is a refrigeration device can be frozen in a short time a large number of products. Center temperature frozen goods can reach -18 °, so that the nutrients are not lost.

Features tunnel freezer

1,Freezing tunnelAdopt international advanced quick-freezing technology, frequency control. Stainless steel mesh belt, flexible stainless steel wire, smooth surface, strong bearing capacity; stepless gear speed drive.

2, the longitudinal blown air circulation mode, curved duct, to ensure uniform rapidly frozen food.

3, a double-sided outer insulation board SUS304 stainless steel plate, rigid polyurethane foam, insulation board density 42kg / m3, the convex mounting groove, an eccentric hooking, more insulation effect, with a storage body 5 overhaul door.

4, inside and outside of food grade stainless steel frame structure, the contact portion of the mesh belt using ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene wear to extend the life of the device.

4. Aluminum evaporator, a variable plate spacing, large fins, while increasing heat transfer efficiency, to extend the continuous operation time of the device.

6, fast frozen foods suitable for food noodles, meat, fruits and vegetables.


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