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fluidized bed freezer price

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  • 2019-09-26

    Fluidized freezer operating instructions

    Dear Customer: Thank you very much use Furst products. Please pre-job training before use, carefully read this manual and operation and maintenance requirements. wish! Foster Service Department Tel: +8618698104196 E-mail:. Sunny@fstcoldchain.com a safety rule 1. Operation and maintenance must hand into the frozen plant operators must be trained. 2. Wear suitable protective clothing. 3. In the device around, not flowing and wear loose clothing, hair has been confirmed that the working beam of the cap. 4. Note that the freezer slip. 5. Do not stand directly on the conveyor belt. Conveying belt 6. Do not reach into operation. 7. Do not transfer to the other items on the belt, into the ship field, and pipeline. 8. Do not be serviced at the transmitting mesh belt / fan is in operation. Do not open the access door 9. The system runtime. First door for 3 minutes at low temperatures


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