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The overall structural performance of the freezer

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Overall structural characteristics and performance of DSW1000 tunnel type mesh belt single-speed freezer:

Overall design

1,The whole equipment is designed and manufactured in complianceHACCPAnd new food and medicineGMP, SC, etc.Requirement implementation; meet the standards of the People's Republic of China \"food monomer quick freezing device\" and export inspection requirements.

2,Internal and external structure of the library are usedFood gradestainless steelSUS304, all are argon arc welding, Welding pickling treatmentExcept for standard parts and special parts such as reducer and motor)

3.Designing process structure parameters based on the characteristics of frozen productsEvaporator designLarge effective surface area; using large-pitch aluminum alloy finned tube sets,Variable pitch design to reduce the temperature in the evaporator and the libraryThe difference,Design selection by evaporation temperature-42 degrees Celsius.fullEvaporation area, high heat exchange efficiency, fully considering the influence of incoming and outgoing temperature, the design makes frost lag, Extend the working time of the freezer

4.EvaporatorConfigurationstainless steelSUS304 fan holder aluminum alloy fan bladeHigh efficiency and low noiseWaterproof, moisture-proof and low-temperature resistantAxial Fan.

5.Adjustable thermal wave blowerdesign, Improve the cold wind force point and quick freezing efficiency. Frozen products are evenly winded, Make frozen products more quickly and uniform qualityAdopt unique wind direction adjusting device and precise wind guide system to avoid runningAt the same time, it is designed to install low temperature resistant soft air curtain at the inlet and outlet. internalThe wind guide adjustment device can adjust the wind direction at any time to control the symmetry of the cold wind without overflowing; the adjustable windshield insulation device controls the height of the feeding material and avoids the loss of cold quantity

6.An external centralized water valve is used to control uniform water flushing to prevent bacterial reproduction, cleanliness and hygiene, and meet food hygiene requirements. Frozen indoorEvaporatorWelding stainless steel large water pan as a whole; the bottom plate is set to avoid water accumulationInto iceThe storage body is provided with an electrically heated access doorQuick freezers are easy to clean and maintain in all corners; except for the slow running of the mesh belt, other transmission devices are inInsulationCover body, cover body is easy to disassemble; set emergency stop safety button and safety warning sign; quick-freezerOverall setting levelAdjustableDevice.

7.stainless steelSUS304Conveyor belt chain38.1㎜Double-pitch large roller chain, rolling and conveying to avoid chain deformation and breakage;useΦ8Wear a rod,Φ2 threading, Φ1.5 mesh spiral weaving, solid and firm.

8,Mesh belt conveyor return belt in the warehouse, purchase columnSurface insulation, adjustable stainless steel wind insulation board attached to the cargo port, six sides of the shipping bar insulation, can realize automatic blanking, keep the mesh belt running at low temperature, with pre-cooling effect.


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