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  • 2021-12-27

    Freezing and refrigeration system debugging and precautions
    I. Precautions during operation of the refrigeration system: The expansion valve is one of the four major components of the refrigeration system. It is an important device for regulating and controlling the flow and pressure of the refrigerant into the evaporator. It is also the \"demarcation line\" on the high and low pressure side. Its adjustment is not only related to the normal operation of the entire refrigeration system, but also an important indicator of the operator's skill level. The adjustment of the expansion valve must be performed carefully and patiently. The adjustment of the pressure must take place through the evaporator and the temperature of the warehouse to produce boiling (evaporation), and then enter the compressor suction chamber through the pipeline to reflect on the pressure gauge, which requires a time process.
  • 2021-12-27

    Cold ton-horse-power-unit conversion-cooler matching knowledge
    Cold ton (RT): A unit of air-conditioning refrigeration. Cold ton is also known as frozen ton. Frozen ton refers to the energy required to freeze one ton of water into ice. (Note: 1 cold ton is the cooling capacity required to make 1 ton of 0 ° C water into 0 ° C ice in 24 hours.) 1 ton of 0 ° C water can be converted into 0 ° C ice in 24 hours , Frozen tons represent the refrigeration capacity of the freezer. Horsepower (HP): The number of horsepower (PH) in air-conditioning cooling capacity is calculated in kilocalories or watts (W). Generally speaking, 1PH = 2000 kilocalories, multiplied by 1.16 in international units. Calculate 2500W as the standard 1PH in daily life. 23 represents a small horse; the cooling area is 10-14 square meters. 26 stands for 1 horse; cooling area is 14-18 square meters. 32 represents a small 1.5 horse; the cooling area is 18-22 square meters. 35 represents plus 1.5 horses; refrigeration area is 22-25 square meters
  • 2019-11-20

    How to calculate the effective volume of a cold storage
    Calculation of effective storage volume in cold storage 1. Calculation of tonnage in cold storage: 1. Assembled light steel structure cold storage: Tonnage of assembled light steel structure cold storage = content of refrigerated room × volume utilization factor × unit weight of food Internal volume of cold storage room of prefabricated light-steel structure cold storage = (inside the storehouse) length × width × height (cubic): volume utilization factor (stacking) of prefabricated light-steel structure cold storage: 500 ~ 1000 cubic meters = 0.40; Cubic = 0.50; 2001 ~ 10000 cubic meters = 0.55; 10001 ~ 15000 cubic meters = 0.60: Volume utilization factor (shelf) of fabricated light steel structure cold storage: 4-6 layers of shelves, effective volume * 0.5; 6-8 layers of shelves, effective Volume * 0.6; 8-10 layers of shelves, effective volume * 0.8; shelves of more than 10 layers; effective volume * 1.0-1.42, civil structure cold storage cold storage civil structure cold storage tonnage = inside the cold storage room


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