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Installation precautions

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Freezing cold storageInstallation Precautions:

1. The foundation of quick-freezing cold storage is affected by low temperature, and the moisture in the soil is easily frozen. Due to the volume expansion of the soil after freezing, it will cause ground rupture and deformation of the entire building structure, which will seriously make the cold storage unusable.

For this reason, in addition to an effective heat insulation layer, the floor of the quick freezing cold storage must be treated under the heat insulation layer to prevent the soil from freezing.

2. The installation of quick-freezing cold storage uses stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum plate, colored steel plate, and composite plastic steel plate as the panel, rigid polyurethane foam plastic as the insulation material, and the composite wall panel is made by advanced technology. Its light weight, high specific strength and heat insulation Good performance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and moth-proofing, non-toxic, non-mildew, it can show its superiority when used at lower temperature.

The inner and outer panels of the board are made of colored steel (the base material is galvanized steel). The core of the board is foamed rigid polyurethane or pasted polystyrene foam board.

Since all components except the ground are prefabricated in a professional factory and assembled on site at a uniform standard, the construction progress is fast and the construction period is short.

3. Quick-freezing cold storage is divided into three levels of L, D and J. The storage temperature is 5 ~ -5 ℃, -10 ~ 18 ℃ and -20 ~ -23 ℃. Special cold storage can reach below -30 ℃, which can meet different needs. It is an ideal cold storage for storing meat, aquatic products, poultry and eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, industrial raw materials, and low-temperature test environments. It is widely used in various industries.

4.Easy installation and disassembly of quick-freezing cold storage: The storage body adopts the buckle connection of the embedded parts inside the wall, which is convenient for assembly, disassembly and transportation, and the assembly and opening time is short. The installation cycle is only 1/30 ~ 1/20 of the civil cold storage. It can be delivered in 5 days, which is especially suitable for mobile units such as troops, factories and mines and remote areas.

5. Due to the fast-freezing cold storage thermal insulation and superior performance, the cooling speed is fast and the heat preservation time is long. Compared with other cold storages, it can generally save energy between 30% and 40%.


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