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Ice maker machine FAQs and solutions

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Ice Maker Machine FAQs and Solutions

Identify faults based on symptoms:

1. Symptoms: Compressor works but does not make ice Causes: Leakage of refrigerant fluid or damaged solenoid valve and not closing tightly. Maintenance: After leak detection, add refrigerant or replace the solenoid valve.

2. Symptoms: The compressor has been working to cool down, the water pump has been working to pump water, and the ice cubes keep getting thicker, but it cannot enter the dehydration process to drop the ice.

Reason: The failure of the water temperature probe makes the intelligent control system unable to effectively sense the water temperature and work, misjudging the program error, or the controller failure.

Maintenance: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe (when the water temperature in the water tank is close to 0°C, unplug the three-core wire in the control box, and test the resistance of the two wires on both sides), if the resistance is lower than 27K Above, it is judged that the controller is bad and should be replaced. If the resistance is lower than 27K, you need to disconnect any one of the two wires, and adjust the resistance to between 27K and 28K by connecting the resistance in series. between.

3. Symptoms: The machine enters the de-icing program (the water pump stops working, the compressor stops cooling) but the ice cubes do not fall off.

Cause: Defrost solenoid valve is damaged.

Repair: Replace solenoid or outer coil.

4. Symptoms: The water shortage light is on but the machine does not automatically feed water.

Reason: There is no water in the pipeline, or the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty, and the valve does not open.

Maintenance: Check the water in the pipeline, if there is no water, open the water channel and restart the machine. If the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty, replace it.

5. Symptoms: The compressor is working but the water pump has not been working (no running water).

Cause: The water pump is damaged or the inside of the water pump is clogged with scale.

Repair: Clean the water pump or replace the water pump.

Identify the fault according to the flashing condition of the indicator light:

1. The power indicator has been flashing rapidly and the machine is not working:

Failure: Detection of water temperature probe open circuit.

Maintenance: Open the rear cover, open the electrical control box cover above the compressor, find a three-core connector, and check if there is any disconnection or poor contact. Reconnect it.

2. 3 indicator lights flash circularly, the machine does not work:

Malfunction: The machine does not make ice and remove ice properly.

Maintenance: A. Cut off the power supply and restart the machine. First, check whether the fan and water pump are working properly. If there is any abnormality, remove it first, and then check whether the compressor has started to work. If there is no work, check the parts near the compressor. Determine the failure of the refrigeration system and follow the corresponding maintenance methods.

B. If there is no fault in the refrigeration system, the ice can be made normally, but the ice has not been de-iced. After 90 minutes, the machine works abnormally and will be shut down for protection. It is necessary to use a multimeter to measure the set of water temperature probes (when the temperature of the underwater tank is close to 0 degrees, unplug the three-core wire in the control box, and measure the resistance of the two wires on both sides), if the resistance is above 27K, then If it is judged that the controller is bad, it should be replaced accordingly. If the resistance value is lower than 27K, any one of the two wires should be disconnected, and the resistance should be adjusted between 27K and 28K by connecting the resistance.

3. The ice full light flashes quickly:

Failure: Indicates that the de-icing time exceeds the specified time, the machine automatically protects,

Maintenance: A. Generally, in this case, you can restart the machine. If it occurs repeatedly, you should check whether the skating board is flexible in swinging up and down.

B. If the two-way solenoid valve is damaged, this phenomenon will also occur. The machine can be refrigerated, but when the ice cube reaches the set thickness and enters the deicing state, the water pump stops working and the ice making does not fall off. Forced deicing during inspection, (long press and hold Select button for 3 seconds), if there is no obvious airflow sound in the ice maker, it can be considered that the two-way solenoid valve is broken, and you can check whether the power supply of the solenoid valve is normal. Replaceable coil test machine, the valve body itself cannot be opened very little.

4. There is no water in the water tank, no water shortage, and loose ice cubes with impurities.

Fault: The fault is because the water in the water tank will leave impurities after many times of ice making, or the water is rich in minerals, which will cause scaling on the surface of the water level probe and affect the sensitivity of the probe detection.

Maintenance: Drain the remaining water to clean the inside of the tank and clean the probe surface.

5. There is water in the water tank, indicating water shortage.

Maintenance: It should be checked whether the two-core and three-core connectors in the control box are connected reliably. Re-connection can usually solve the problem.

6. The water flow of the spray pipe is not smooth, and some ice cubes are not played properly.

Failure: The spray pipe is blocked;

Maintenance: In the state of controlled water flow, use tweezers or other sharp objects to clean the debris attached to the water outlet on the spray pipe. Until the flow of water through each hole is smooth.

7. Ice making is normal but dehydration is difficult or not;

Fault: The two-way solenoid valve does not work or is stuck;

Maintenance: After starting the ice maker, after ice cubes are produced on the ice maker, press and hold the selection button for 3 seconds to enter the forced de-icing state, touch the solenoid valve with your hand, if it does not vibrate, it means that the power supply of the solenoid valve is abnormal. board and connecting wires. If there is vibration, it can be repeatedly de-iced several times, which can solve the problem of some solenoid valves stuck. If there is still a problem, the solenoid valve is damaged and the solenoid valve needs to be replaced.


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