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Flack Ice Maker Machine Evaporator

Flake ice maker machine for supermarket seafood factory processing etc 
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Ice maker machine Flake ice machine evaporator

The composition of the evaporator

The evaporator of the ice maker is driven by the reducer, the ice blade, the sprinkler, the main shaft and the water tray, and slowly rotate counterclockwise. The water enters the water distribution tray from the water inlet of the evaporator of the ice machine, and the water is evenly sprinkled on the icing surface through the sprinkler pipe to form a water film; the water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the refrigerant flow channel, and the temperature drops rapidly. , a thin layer of ice is formed on the icing surface, and under the extrusion of the ice blade, it is broken into pieces of ice and falls into the ice storage from the ice-falling opening. Part of the unfrozen water is returned from the return port to the cold water tank through the water receiving tray, and circulated through the cold water circulation pump.

Flake ice machines have been widely used in aquatic products, food, supermarkets, dairy products, medicine, chemistry, vegetable preservation and transportation, marine fishing and other industries. The quality requirements for ice are getting higher and higher. The requirements for "high performance", "low failure rate" and "sanitation" of ice machines are becoming more and more urgent.


1. Application in aquatic product processing: Flake ice can reduce the temperature of processing medium, cleaning water and aquatic products, prevent bacterial growth, and keep aquatic products fresh during processing.

2. Application in meat product processing: blending flake ice with hygienic standards into meat and stirring. In order to achieve the purpose of cooling and preservation.

3. Application in food processing: For example, when stirring or adding cream in bread production, use flake ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation.

4. Application in supermarkets and aquatic product markets: for the preservation of aquatic products, such as display, packaging, etc.

5. Application of vegetable processing: Flake ice is used in agricultural products and vegetable harvesting and processing to reduce the metabolism of agricultural products and the growth rate of bacteria. Extend the shelf life of produce and vegetables.

6. Application during long-distance transportation: Flake ice is more and more widely used in long-distance transportation for products that need cooling and fresh-keeping, such as ocean fishing and vegetable transportation.

7. It is also widely used in laboratories, medicine, chemical industry, artificial ski resorts and other industries.

⒏Application in concrete engineering: When concrete is poured in a large area in hot season, the pouring temperature of concrete must be controlled effectively and reasonably. Flake ice + cold water mixing is the most effective way.

Compared with traditional ice bricks (large ice) and snowflake ice, flake ice has obvious advantages. It is dry, not easy to agglomerate, has good fluidity, good hygiene, large contact area with fresh-keeping products, and is not easy to damage fresh-keeping products. In many industries it is the product of choice to replace other types of ice. and has:

1. High ice-making efficiency and small cooling loss:

The automatic flake ice machine adopts the latest vertical internal spiral knife ice-cutting evaporator. When making ice, the water distribution device inside the ice bucket evenly distributes the water to the inner wall of the ice bucket to quickly freeze. The ice knife cuts the ice and falls, so that the surface of the evaporator is fully utilized, and the efficiency of the ice machine is improved.

2. The quality of borneol is good, dry and not sticky:

The flake ice produced by the vertical evaporator of the automatic flake ice machine is dry, irregular flake ice with a thickness of 1-2 mm, and has good fluidity. 3. Simple structure and small footprint

The automatic flake ice machine has various series such as fresh water type, sea water type, self-contained cold source, user-configured cold source, and ice storage. The daily output of ice ranges from 500Kg/24h to 60000Kg/24h and other specifications. The user can choose the appropriate model according to the occasion of use and the water quality used. Compared with the traditional ice maker, it has a smaller footprint and lower operating costs (no need for a special person to remove the ice and take the ice).


1. Direct low temperature, low ice temperature, up to below -8°.

2. The ice is dry and clean, the shape is beautiful, it is not easy to form a block, the fluidity is good, and it is hygienic and convenient.

3. Sheet-like structure, so the contact area with the refrigerated products is large, and the cooling effect is excellent.

4. Flake ice has no sharp edges and corners, will not damage the surface of refrigerated products, and is very convenient for storage and transportation.

5. The thickness of the ice can reach 1mm-2mm, and it can be used at any time without an ice crusher.

6. The surface area can reach more than 1500 square meters / ton. [2]

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