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First cold chain company Smart invited to attend the meeting of one belt&road in Uzbekistan

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In the September 17, 2019, the first tape and the road initiatives China Asia Exhibition held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan Exhibition Center. Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. Tianjin Foster, if invited to participate in the exhibition, demonstrated the company's fast-moving equipment and refrigeration equipment, to consolidate the existing relationship, explored a large number of potential customers, and laid a solid foundation for the market development of.

In this exhibition, the first Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. Tianjin Exhibits# Flash freezer, icemaker #, # refrigeration unitAnd other equipment, it provides effective solutions for the efficiency, cost, production capacity and production enterprises in the face of frozen food production and processing and cold chain transportation and other issues. The company's products have attracted numerous exhibitors and international clients, staff has been patiently and communicate with full enthusiasm and patience exhibitors. Features and benefits of the product has been most vividly, vividly shows the wonderful speeches and presentations at staff. Professional visitors and exhibitors at the venue the company has shown great interest in the products on display, many customers are now carried out detailed consultation on the site, and hope that through this opportunity, in-depth cooperation will be implemented.

Although the cooperation agreement or intention with many international clients, this exhibition also achieved by this exhibition friendly exchanges with their peers, she made many new friends, learn about the latest market in the refrigeration industry, open up their horizons, and will bring new opportunities for the future development of the company.


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