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Double spiral freezer Description

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table of Contents

1Safety rules

2Equipment maintenance

3Operation sequence




3.4Belt cleaning

3.5 washing machine

3.6 drying wiping

3.7 Frozen placed

3.8 electrical control

Attachment: product certification, quality tracking orders,Freezer double spiral electrical schematics


Welcome to the double spiral quick-freezing machine company manufactured. Before using the product are advised to carefully read the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Run if you have questions, please to contact me. Please provide the product quality when tracking single contact, in order to serve you as soon as possible.

1Safety rules

1.1 must hand operation and maintenance, rapid freezing plant operators must be trained.

1.2 Wear suitable protective clothing.

1.3 transmitting mesh belt running around, not flowing and wear loose clothing, hair has been confirmed that the working beam of the cap.

1.4 in the freezer to be noted that non-slip walking.

1.5 DO NOT standing transport mesh belt.

1.6 Do not transfer belt reach into operation.

1.7 Do not place other items on the screen belt or placed into the shipping field.

1.8 Do not repair the transmission network with / fan is running.

1.9 Do not open the access door system is running.

Electrical control box close around 1.10 before rinsing. Electrical control box covered with a plastic sheet.

2 equipment maintenance

2.1 equipment to do when the person responsible for the operation and maintenance of equipment running records, always check the equipment to keep fit running.

2.11 prevent scratch hard objects library board. To prevent the movement of objects collide. Access door switch to light. Handle, door hook

When the position is not correct to promptly adjust and tighten.

2.12 Check the belt at least a week. The chain Desoldering sheet, rod bent through, mesh breakage promptly.

2.13 exposed evaporation tube evaporator fins prevent hard object impact and scratches.

2.14 electrical part to prevent moisture, maintaining the inverter drive according to the provisions of the specification.

2.15 tensioner apparatus belt tensioner pulley, should remain freely up and down.

2.2 reducer helical gear reducer to use and maintain detailed description

2.3 timely defrost

Do not open the detection device operates the door, the door will not only damage the door closed, the consumption of cold and frost will accelerate and reduce efficiency.

Continuous operation of equipment12 hours must be timely defrosted, it will not only significantly reduce efficiency, but also the opportunity to wind systems overloaded, resulting in damage to the device.

2.4 Use:

2.41 is the ability to freeze a specific calibration of certain items and specifications prescribed conditions. When frozen species, size and production conditions change, the ability to freeze a corresponding change.

2.42 frequency power are adjusted at the factory will be a good and optimal output frequency range u / f characteristic. Do not use any of it is set, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the power inverter.

2.43 just a heat shield between the frozen body, there is also moving parts, therefore, should work after the internal temperature rose to more fully 5 ℃, so that all tracks on the frozen melt away. But if the end of the work day, to keep its temperature not to rise the next day to continue to use, so to save cold approach is not correct.

2.44 mesh belt does not run on cooling, easily lead to dangerous and rail network with frozen.

Do not get too much water when placed 2.45 Frozen mesh belt, not in the cooling of the belt to wash, mesh belt will freeze water into the library on the track, affecting the safe operation of the belt.

After 2.46 red cream valve is closed, the drain valve should always be kept in a normally open position, otherwise, may be due to valve leakage red cream of the water entering the evaporator.

pay attention:Under no circumstances shall the drum reverse.

Common failure analysis

In addition to damage to the outer partCommon troubleshooting the following ways:


Failure Analysis

Press the power button is turned on, no display

External power circuit

Master switch is not closed

Knob switch is not reset

Network with unstable operation

At first launch did not reach steady state

There was ice or other obstruction on the track

Out of the feed section of the guide shaft stuck or inflexible

Mesh belt running current is too large

Ice or other obstructions on the track

Variable frequency power settings error

Main drive reducer in oil or damage the

Cool bad library

Reversed or damaged portion of the motor fan does not rotate

No plugging into an evaporator frost good

Cooling system problem

The drain valve is not leaking red cream, frozen Effect of heat into the evaporator

Network with upturned

The icing on the belt caused by elevated track

Feeding at ice or debris jammed belt

Library network with movement blocked

3.Operation sequence


Confirmation: the internal temperature≧ 0 deg.] C; evaporator frost; belt and frozen drying chamber; closing the access door, cabinet main switch is in a closed state.

Closing the air switch cabinet

3.11 Start double helix mesh belt;

3.22 to send cold room;

3.33 slow set-belt transmission rate;


Frozen product process, such as unforeseen circumstances, press the emergency stop buttonTJ, mesh belt stopped.

Internal temperature<0℃, the mesh belt is stoppedWhen ≥2 min, should be shut down, the standby temperature> 0℃, before boot.


Confirmation: All products output.

3.21 stops supplying cold source

3.22 When the temperature ≥0 ℃ library body, turn off the fan;

3.23 stop belt drive.

Highlights:confirmAfter the compressor is turned off, before closing freezer fan.


purpose:Melt off frost layer on the evaporator, to reduce wind resistance, to maintain the efficiency of the evaporator proper. Remove ice from the belt guide (usually made from the mesh belt into the feed port), the safety belt to ensure smooth operation.

Method: Close the drain valve, open the valve red cream, water enters the mixing with water or hot water for defrosting the evaporator; after, red cream off valve, drain valve open, water, and the inner tube so that over valve red cream leakage water drain off, after cooling to prevent the water from freezing influence over the next defrost.


Cream should be turned off before the red liquid valve for a refrigeration system, the evaporator so that the refrigerant deprived of some, but not red cream better security. Must be in strict accordance with proper practices when red cream! Otherwise it will cause explosion.

Open the access door, opened fan, so that the internal temperature rises to5℃ or more, let the ice melt away on the track. If necessary, rinse with warm water. In particular, you should check the presence or absence of ice on the feed end of the drum Dir one track. If so, the focus should be removed. Low idling mesh belt, mesh belt rinsed with water and start the circulation fan for drying, by a mesh tape portion out cold, accelerated rate of temperature increase. Defrost generally1~2Class time.

In the following cases, the processing may be appropriate:

At higher ambient temperature, short operating time, a long down time (e.g., a group of the daily production), open all the doors to the next can begin before all of the natural defrost. Defrost may take measures, but must be confirmed before the next run network with no freeze phenomenon. Continuous production process for a long time (e.g., second class, Ltd.) intermediate defrost evaporator must be kept low mesh belt running continuously or intermittently empty running, the individual evaporator defrosting, the blower water defrosting operation can be restored, but it must check whether a feed belt lift ice to the lower end of the phenomenon of the lowermost belt guide drum. Mechanical removal if necessary.

Draw attention to:

Please pay attention to the interior defrost water level, the water must not be allowed to diffuse through the interior water tray vertical direction between the sealant layer and the library risers.

3.4Belt cleaning

Day (continuous operationAfter the 1-2 class) frozen food, quick-freezing machine parts have to deal with its internal flushing, mainly on the mesh belt flush. To facilitate removal of the mesh belt fats and oils, may be suitable for foaming using a low temperature of hot water cleaning or non-foaming detergent, it must be noted that the choice of detergent must be suitable for cleaning aluminum, stainless steel, and high molecular weight polyethylene and other metal materials. Specific detergent suppliers to be consulted to ensure that the choice of detergent can be safely applied to the freezer interior materials.

3.5 washing machine

Confirmation: The system stops working. Release the door and the lighting unit, the cover open water library library floor, a water jet from the access door The machine direction departments rinse. Sewage from the library collector nozzle discharge sewage into the water cover over the end of the library.

Do not water jet injection gun evaporator fins.

Machine wash ministriesAfter, open the fan blow dry.

3.6 drying and wiping

Confirmation: the freezer no.

Open access door, open and fan belt drive, until the entire drying machine (≥20 minutes), Close the access door, cabinet switch OFF state recovered.

Wipe with a clean, dry, without wool cloth into the ship bar, belt, interior components, cabinet, motors, fans, housings and other parts wipe clean.

3.7Frozen display

3.71Frozen to be placed in the freezer temperature down to conform into the cargo temperature can begin.

3.72The maximum length must not exceed Frozen800mm, And should be placed laterally. Frozen not warp, should leave some room Frozen neutral.

3.73Frozen easy to stick the belt: such as roe, to use small plastic pad of paper resting frozen.

3.74Not recommended dish frozen to prevent chuck failure occurs during operation. But if necessary can also be frozen dish, diagonal size of the disk does not cause chuck is appropriate.

3.75When the swing plate, and the plate should be left between the disc of greater than200mmClearance.

3.76Frozen small should be placed: dense outer, inner and sparsely

3.8 electrical control

3.81 both spiral freezer electrical schematics (see Annex)

3.82 pairs of spiral FreezerElectronic control box instructions

Before starting to check and make the correct preparation before boot. After pressing the start button the drive drum display panel initial frequency5Hz, then operation panel to start, the rotational speed of the drum speed using the up and down keys to complete the addition and subtraction.

Start belt, the belt drive speed reducer, the drive speed. A drive belt running gear for an reasonable frequency . Slip drive speed reducer is too slow and drum wear-resistant mesh belt between the drive speed reducer too tight belt affect the normal operation, the adjustment of the belt tensioner must be operated by trained qualified personnel. There is a certain sliding reasonable wear strips between the drum and the belt is running, but not slide too.

The fan is not started simultaneously, each fan start time interval5second. After all the fans to start before starting the refrigeration unit.

After the temporary shutdown do not start immediately as a drum, and then start isochronous frequency did not show, or the drive can not be output electrical signal.

With overload protection for the interior cooling fan, a fan operation when there is an overload overload phenomenon can press the reset button thermal protection; set current adjustment value so that the normal operation, In case of repeated overload protection, fans should stop to check.

Transfer belt drive speed reducer may be under the control of real-time control of the speed of the drive belt, which also functions as overload protection for the drive gear unit.

When an alarm occurs, the reset button must be pressed during maintenance work, or prone to unexpected situations.

All electrical installation comply with the National Electrical line installation standards, all electrical appliances have a good grounding protection.


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