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"China's Leading Supplier of Fluidization Bed Quick Freezers: FSLD1000 for Efficient Vegetable Freezing

Fluidized IQF freezer is the most suitable quick-freezing equipment for vegetables, fruits such as peas, sweet corn, carrot flakes or corn segments, etc. It is also effective for shrimp and seafood. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for any small size and large food.
  • FSLD

  • FST

  • FST-0014

Fluidized IQF freezers can quickly freeze a variety of fruits and Vegetables and some seafood
Working guidelines:
Using two-stage belt structure
First, the rapid cooling phase
The second is the deep freeze stage
Independent speed control system, the speed of the two mesh belts can be infinitely changed
1.Fast cooling stage: food particles should be cooled quickly after entering the spray chamber
The particle surface will freeze and reach a temperature of 0 ° C
At the same time, with the help of the eye-catching chain, the particles will neither stick together nor stick to the stainless steel mesh belt
2. Deep freezing stage: the food moves on the stainless steel mesh belt, and the food layer becomes loose as the air flow increases
When the air pressure reaches a certain level, some food particles float (this is why this device is not suitable for large pieces of food), which creates voids between the food particles, which is how the fluidized bed is generated.
Floating particles freeze quickly and individually because they blow strong cold air from all directions

Fluidized bed freezer parameter:

Fluidized iqf freezer parameters

2. Fluidized Bed Freezer Structure diagram

fluidized Iqf freezer

fluidized Iqf freezer inside structure




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