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Use and maintenance knowledge description of liquid nitrogen freezer

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After using liquid nitrogen quick freezer, it should pay attention to maintain rapid liquid nitrogen freezer. If you solve this problem, it will bring great benefits to the user, it will greatly improve the life of a liquid nitrogen freezer. Below, we will detail some of the use and maintenance of liquid nitrogen quick freezer.

You just purchased a liquid nitrogen freezer No power immediately. It must be placed twelve hours and try to power.

2. To ensure safe use, should regularly clean the compact machine and condenser. Cleaning liquid nitrogen freezer at least twice a year. Cleaning liquid nitrogen freezer, cut off the power, with a soft cloth soaked in clean water and dishwashing detergent, gently scrub, and then to wipe moistened with water detergent.

3, after a period of use, remove the frozen food in liquid nitrogen machine bent bentgrass large-scale fire, and pay attention to avoid freezing in liquid nitrogen freezer compartment smell. If an offensive odor, the smell should be promptly removed.

4, to avoid damage, flash frozen in liquid nitrogen stainless steel and plastic coating machine components in the box, do not use detergent, insecticide powder, gypsum powder, alkaline detergent, water, oil. Brush, clean the refrigerator.

5. When the accessory device when the accumulation of frozen in liquid nitrogen, it should be removed with water or detergent.

6. liquid nitrogen freezer should be placed where heat from direct sunlight.


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