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Knowledge Description Of Use And Maintenance Of Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

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After the use of liquid nitrogen quick freezer, attention should be paid to the maintenance of liquid nitrogen express freezer. If you take care of the problem, it will bring great benefits to users, and it will also greatly improve the service life of liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine. Below, we should introduce some liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine use and maintenance in detail.

1. The liquid nitrogen freezer you just bought can't be electrified right away. It must be placed for an hour or two before it can be electrified.


2. In order to ensure the safety of use, the compact machine and condenser should also be cleaned regularly. Clean the liquid nitrogen freezer at least twice a year. When cleaning liquid nitrogen freezer, first cut off the power supply, with soft cloth stained with clean water and utensils detergent, gently scrub, and then dip in clean water to wipe away the detergent.


3, After using for a period of time, the food of the liquid nitrogen freezer is taken out for a big bentgrass extinguishing, and attention should be paid to avoid the peculiar smell in the freezer of the liquid nitrogen freezer. If the peculiar smell occurs, the peculiar smell should be removed in time.

4, In order to avoid damage, stainless steel liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine coating and plastic parts in the box, please do not use washing powder, deworming powder gypsum powder, alkaline detergent, boiling water, oil. Brush, etc., clean the refrigerator.


5. When scaling is accumulated in the accessories of the liquid nitrogen freezer, it should be removed and cleaned with water or detergent.


6. The liquid nitrogen freezer should be placed in a place where the heat source is not exposed to direct sunlight.


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