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IQF/ fluidized bed freezer

Individual quick frozen (IQF) is a technology that is a specific solution that can prevent or small frozen concentrate product, maintain quality and provide unparalleled convenience for the end user. IQF freezers cover a wide range of product types, such as fruits, vegetables, diced meat, shrimps and prawns.
This design is based on our IQF freezer for more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and IQF freezing. Our use of fluidization principle refrigerator, the cold air is directed upwardly through a stainless steel mesh belt, fluidization of the product. Fluidizing means that we make the quality of the food particles like a liquid. This technology provides high heat transfer between the air and the product, to maintain product movement and during freezing.


In our factory pre-assembled and fully tested.

Easy installation in the field.

In line with CE; ISO9001 international norms and standards

Easy access to sanitation and maintenance.

Custom designs

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