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Exporting Spiral Freezers To Peru: Customized Solutions for Freezing Chicken Breast Meat at 1t/h

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The demand for frozen food products has been steadily increasing worldwide, and Peru is no exception.  As a leading manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.  In this article, we will discuss our successful export of spiral freezers to Peru, specifically designed to freeze chicken breast meat, with a production capacity of 1 ton per hour.  We have achieved this by closely working with our clients and providing customized solutions that adhere to their unique specifications.

Understanding the Importance of Spiral Freezers:

Spiral freezers have become an essential component in the food processing industry, enabling rapid and efficient freezing of various food products.  With their compact design and high freezing capacity, spiral freezers offer significant advantages over traditional freezing methods.  These machines utilize a continuous conveyor belt system, allowing for a continuous and uninterrupted freezing process.  This ensures that the quality, texture, and nutritional value of the food products are preserved, while also maximizing productivity and minimizing energy consumption.

Customization to Meet Unique Requirements:

At our company, we understand that each client's needs are unique.  Therefore, we offer customized solutions to ensure our spiral freezers meet their specific requirements.  Our collaboration with clients in Peru was no exception.  The client sought to freeze chicken breast meat at a rate of 1 ton per hour, necessitating a tailored approach to achieve optimal results.

Collaborative Approach:

To begin the customization process, our team of experienced engineers and technicians engaged in extensive discussions with the client.  We carefully analyzed their production requirements, available space, and existing infrastructure.  By understanding their specific needs, we were able to design and manufacture a spiral freezer that perfectly aligned with their expectations.

Design and Features:

Our team incorporated several key features in the customized spiral freezer to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.  These features included:

1.  Adjustable Conveyor Speed: The spiral freezer was equipped with an adjustable conveyor speed control system, allowing the client to regulate the freezing time according to their specific product requirements.

2.  Temperature Control: Precise temperature control mechanisms were integrated into the freezer, ensuring consistent freezing temperatures throughout the process.

3.  Hygiene and Safety: The spiral freezer was designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and materials compliant with international food safety standards, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and product safety.

4.  Energy Efficiency: Our engineers implemented energy-saving technologies, such as advanced insulation materials and efficient refrigeration systems, to minimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

Installation and Support:

Once the customized spiral freezer was manufactured, our team provided comprehensive installation and training services in Peru.  Our technicians ensured that the equipment was installed correctly and conducted thorough training sessions for the client's staff, covering operation, maintenance, and safety protocols.  We also offered ongoing technical support to address any concerns or queries that may arise during the equipment's lifespan.


Our successful export of customized spiral freezers to Peru exemplifies our commitment to meeting the unique requirements of our clients.  By closely collaborating with our customers, we were able to design and manufacture a spiral freezer that perfectly suited their needs, enabling efficient freezing of chicken breast meat at a rate of 1 ton per hour.  As a trusted provider of innovative food processing solutions, we continue to strive for excellence in meeting the evolving demands of the global food industry.


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