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  • 2020-01-13

    The overall structural performance of the freezer
    Overall structural characteristics and performance of DSW1000 tunnel type mesh belt single-speed freezer: overall design 1. The design and production of the entire equipment shall comply with the requirements of HACCP and the new version of food and drug GMP, SC, etc .; comply with the standards of the People ’s Republic of China “food single-speed freezer” And commodity inspection export requirements. 2. The internal and external structure of the storehouse is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304, all of which are welded by argon arc welding, and the joints are pickled. (Except standard and special parts such as reducer, motor, etc.). 3. According to the characteristics of quick freezing of frozen products, design the process structure parameters, and the evaporator has a large effective surface area. The large-pitch aluminum alloy finned tube group is used to change the pitch design to reduce the difference between the temperature of the evaporator and the interior. The design selection is based on the evaporation temperature. -42 degrees Celsius. Full evaporation area, high heat exchange efficiency, fully considering the influence of incoming and outgoing temperature, the design makes frost lag, and prolongs the working time of the freezer. 4.Evaporator is equipped with stainless steel SUS304 fan tube
  • 2019-11-27

    Design considerations for quick freezing refrigerators
    Quick freezing cold storage design ideas: 1. Know the purpose of the cold storage and go to the cold storage site to collect field parameters. The specific parameters of the cold storage site are very important. The actual size of the cold storage site and the surrounding environment all directly affect the cold storage equipment and the construction drawings of the cold storage. 2. Select the appropriate freezing temperature and freezing time according to the characteristics of the items to be stored in the cold storage. Different types of products have different temperature requirements. For example, the temperature requirements for quick-freezing stores such as tuna are different from those of fresh products.
  • 2019-09-27

    Application and development of quick freezing equipment
    The application of quick-freezing equipment The development of quick-freezing food in China started relatively late, with an annual growth rate of more than 25%. Even now China's annual per capita consumption is only one-tenth of that of developed countries. So there is great room for development. With the development of the food quick freezing industry and its industrialized production, the quick freezing machine has become an irreplaceable essential equipment. At present, 28 types of food market access systems in China stipulate that quick-frozen foods, especially cooked foods, must use single-unit quick-freezing devices to ensure quality, and export inspections also have requirements. This article explores why quick freezers are irreplaceable in the food industry。
  • 2019-09-26

    Fluidized freezer operating instructions
    Dear Customer: Thank you very much use Furst products. Please pre-job training before use, carefully read this manual and operation and maintenance requirements. wish! Foster Service Department Tel: +8618698104196 E-mail:. Sunny@fstcoldchain.com a safety rule 1. Operation and maintenance must hand into the frozen plant operators must be trained. 2. Wear suitable protective clothing. 3. In the device around, not flowing and wear loose clothing, hair has been confirmed that the working beam of the cap. 4. Note that the freezer slip. 5. Do not stand directly on the conveyor belt. Conveying belt 6. Do not reach into operation. 7. Do not transfer to the other items on the belt, into the ship field, and pipeline. 8. Do not be serviced at the transmitting mesh belt / fan is in operation. Do not open the access door 9. The system runtime. First door for 3 minutes at low temperatures
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