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  • 2022-12-13

    Low temperature liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology principle

    Low-temperature liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology is the application of [ice crystallization theory], using liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature -196 degrees, to make the frozen items pass through the largest ice crystal formation area in a very short time, so that the pressure inside and outside the food cells is relatively balanced, and the maximum degree It is a new food preservation technology that protects the cell tissue of frozen items, maintains cell activity, ensures the fresh quality of frozen items, and retains the original nutrients to the greatest extent.

  • 2023-02-26

    tunnel freezer for shrimp quick freeze

    There is an ongoing debate about whether to use a conventional freezer or invest in a tunnel freezer when it comes to storing shrimp. Many cooks choose a blast freezer because of the many benefits it offers when used correctly. When you freeze shrimp in a blast freezer, the benefits include better it offers when used correctly.

  • 2023-02-26

    tunnel freezer for freezing seafood

    Tunnel freezer for freezing seafood Tunnel freezer is an ideal machine for preserving seafood. They provide superior freezing, maintaining the freshness and flavor of seafood products while protecting them from contamination and spoilage. Tunnel freezers provide an efficient way to quickly store large quantities of seafood

  • 2022-10-17

    Ice maker machine FAQs and solutions

    Ice Maker Machine FAQs and Solutions : 1. Symptoms: Compressor works but does not make ice Causes: Leakage of refrigerant fluid or damaged solenoid valve and not closing tightly. Maintenance: After leak detection, add refrigerant or replace the solenoid valve.

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