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Summer Note the use of refrigerated what?

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  1. High outdoor temperature, the convolution summer cold strong, so the switching frequency of refrigeration door should be reduced as much as possible. In use in cold storage, cold storage should pay particular attention to the operator must be trained and licensed, otherwise, due to frequent improper operation, will exacerbate the loss of refrigeration equipment, will reduce the life of the machine, which could lead to accidents.

  2. Refrigerator must be placed in storage in accordance with the prescribed discharge conditions. Not allowed to accumulate and store too much. Accumulation and storage can reduce storage and shelf life of stored water temperature is an important guarantee for the summer refrigerated storage operation. The cooling water inlet a water-cooled refrigeration unit is preferably not more than 25 ℃. When the temperature exceeds 25 ℃, water should be added, and often replaced the circulating water to keep the water clean. Regularly check the radiator air-cooled unit, clean the dust from the heatsink, so as not to affect the cooling effect.

  3. Periodically check the various electrical components and wires refrigeration control system. Can not forget to check the cooling water pump flow is normal, the cooling tower fan is in a normal direction, and the judgment criterion is whether the rising hot air. Within 24 hours a day to run refrigeration refrigeration equipment, machine maintenance is the most important. Machine maintenance work is also the most important. You must regularly add lubricant to the device and periodically check the operation of the equipment. If it is damaged, repaired and must be replaced immediately.

  4. Minimize switching frequency of the refrigerator door. Due to the high temperature of the outdoor air in summer, cold strong convection, on the one hand the amount of cold refrigerated easily lost, on the other hand, a large amount of dew condensation may be generated in the refrigerator. Check the air-cooled unit ventilated environment, to ensure the unit discharge of hot air in time allocation. When the ambient temperature is too high, the heat sink fins may be used for water to assist cooling, improve the cooling effect.

  5. Strict control of inventory, in order to avoid time head of the refrigerator, and reservoir temperature slowly.

  6. It should be noted, an adequate supply of ambient air to the outdoor unit, the hot gas discharged from the outdoor unit remote from the condensing unit, and does not form a hot gas cycle.


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