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How to choose the fast freezer

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Instant freezer specifications
1. Compressor
Leather belt
3. PU insulated sandwich panels

4. Evaporator fan +

5. Condenser

Features instant freezers, tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, IQF freezers

Polyurethane insulation board designed for quick freezer, mainly made of stainless steel, to facilitate construction.

(1) Temperature range: -40ºC ± 3ºC.
(2) Capacity: customization. From 100kg / h to 3000kg / h.
(3) Function: Quick Freeze

(4) automatic control system.
(5) easy to install and remove
(6) Temperature regulation
(7) Data Logger
(8) PLC electronic control (LG, SIMENS, OMRON ...... famous member)
(9) Refrigerant: R22, R404A or R717

(1) Condensing Unit: Germany Bitzer, Copeland United States, Italy Frascold, and other Chinese brands.
(2) an evaporator: FST air cooler.
(3) an insulating plate: PU,
(4) Other accessories: World famous brands, such as Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG, Schneider

Instant freezer applications
Food (seafood, meat, pork, beef, chicken, vegetables, fruit, dairy products ......

1). Revolving door.
2). Revolving door: manually open and so on.
3). Special press door made of PU material technology.
4). Door frame: stainless steel or other
5). Surface material: stainless steel with a protective film.

Cold room insulation board: 100% polyurethane insulation board, a density of about 36 ~ 42kg / m3, with a gasket, fire-retardant, fire board thickness: 100mm ~ 200mm, width 960mm standard panel


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