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Freeze Dryer Machine

The freeze dryer machine is an advanced way for drying materials. The freeze dryer machine firstly freezes the materials with water under low temperature, then sublimates the water under vacuum state directly, remove the water vapour by condensation to dry the material. The freeze dryer machine can be widely used for developing and producing various heat sensitive biological products, such as vaccine, medicines, fruit vegetable vacuum packing, etc.

Characteristics :

1.Perfect appearance, compact size; 2.Touch screen operation, one key to start, and automatic freeze drying process, easy and convenient; 3.Key components with imported brands, small noise, large capacity, high quality and high performance; 4.Advanced system, with low operating current and low energy consumption; 5.304 stainless steel food tray and inside liner, safety and easy clean; 6.Transparent organic glass door, the direct observation of food processing;

Applications: 1. Freeze-drying machine for vegetables: carrots, rapeseed, mushrooms, scallions, garlic, green beans, corn, spinach, etc. 2. Freeze-drying machine for meat: beef, pork, chicken, etc. 3. Freeze-drying machine for seafood : shrimp, fish fillets, crab meat, etc.

Product information: FD series vacuum freeze-dryer machine mainly includes: Dry Chamber ; (Shelves) Heating Plates; Condenser; refrigerating Unit; Blast Freezer Room; Vacuum System;Circulation System; Control System, Water Cooling System.



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